You expect the Arms Tournament to be exciting, and it is.
Man regarding the Lacuer Tournament of Arms.

The Lacuer Armory Contest, also called the Lacuer Tournament of Arms, is an annual festival held in the city of Lacuer's Lacuer Colesseum within the walls of Lacuer Castle.

The tournament is used to test warriors from around the world in a one on one contest, sometimes resulting in death (though this is hardly encouraged). Each contestant is forbidden to use their own weapons, items and armor, and instead must select a sponsor to supply these things for them for use in the matches.

It is not clear how many matches are set up, but it is speculated that it all depends on how many contestants there are. Between each match, contestants are granted permission to watch the other fights from the stadium seats.

Lacuer Armory Contest in 366 SD

The Tournament has to do with the Sorcery Globe problem, because it will show how effectice the best weapons are.

In 366 SD the annual Tournament of Arms took place, having such contestants as Claude C. Kenni, Dias Flac, Jose Duran, Grondo Rawlos, Dol Adan, Emil Blegovich, Thomas Nelson, and Glorias.

First Round

Every contestant battled in the First Round. Emil Blegovich won the seventh match of the First Round, while in the eighth match of the Fist Round Dias Flac came out on top over the heavily armored Thomas Nelson.

Second Round

Claude vs Dol Adon Arms Contest

Adon vs. Kenny

The Second Round started off with Kenni facing off against Dol Adan in the first match with Claude claiming supremacy.

Semi-Final Round

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the semi-final of destiny!
Claude vs. Jose Duran

Duran vs. Kenny

The first match of the semi-final round took place between rookie Claude Kenni and the skilled fighter Jose Duran, though Claude managed to scratch by victoriously.

Dias Vs. Grondo Rawlos

Rawlos vs. Flac

The second and final match of the Semi-Finals took place between Dias Flac and strong-armed swordsman, Grondo Rawlos. Dias easily continued onto the Find Round.

Final Round

The time for warriors' dreams is over... The Tournament of Arms is over just like that.
Lacour Soldier.

The Final Round spawned a tough fight between Claude and Dias, though ultimately the champion resulted in the skilled Dias Flac with Claude taking second place.


The tournament in the Star Ocean: The Second Story manga is similar to the game version, with Claude and Dias fighting in the final round, but with different battles and participants. Ashton also participated in the contest, managing to reach the quarterfinals.