Landing pint

Landing Point, with the Calnus in the background

Landing Point, also known as Base Point, is the first area of Aeos in the game Star Ocean: The Last Hope. This is the first area the party visit, which is off of the SRF-003 Calnus. The area is made up of dense grasslands and exotic plants including many features of a tropical rainforest; with a subtropical climate. There is a Save Point close to the ship and around four nearby SRF members. This is also where Edge recieves his first real weapon. Later on in the game, this becomes the location of the Eldarian Exploration Base.


Rough Landing

Landing point1

Edge realises that he can kill the bugs.

In the game, Edge and Reimi get onto the planet and start explore the local surroundings. After talking to a certain SRF member a cutscene activates. There is a piece of the shrapnel from the ship blocking the path so the SRF try to break through it with saw-like blades. After talking to Reimi, the party realise there are unknown large-scale lifeforms whihc pose a threat. The giant bugs begin to attack which subsequently ends in several SRF members being killed due to the fact that the Railguns have no effect on the bugs. When one of the members is killed his blade is thrown into the air; and Edge grabs it. He manages to distract the bugs with his Railgun while Reimi runs back to the Calnus to get backup. Meanwhile, Edge strikes down one of the bugs, and in doing so activates a symbol on his hand, a mark of his Muah genes. After the first is killed a battle starts and Edge kills the remaining bugs. Afterwards Edge returns to ship and speaks with Captain Grafton about what to do next; he tells them to search for the other ships after recieving orders from Deputy Director Shimada.



  • Broken Metal Cutting Blade
  • Sniper's Bangle
  • Blueberries x3
  • Blackberries x2
  • Iron
  • Insect Egg x2
  • Bigberries
  • Wind Gem
  • Iron x2
  • 103 Fol
  • Insect Leg
  • Warped Carapace

Harvesting Points

Near the Save Point

  • Aquaberries
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Lemon
  • Picked Plum
  • White Rice
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