Laser Beams SO3

Sophia invokes the power of Laser Beams

Laser Beams, also known as Ray, is a recurring spell in the Star Ocean series. It is a low-rank light or non-elemental symbology spell that consists of a symbol that creates rays of light that flood the area, hitting all enemies on screen.

It is introduced in Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey as Ioshua Jerand and Ronyx J. Kenny attack symbol. When cast, small mirrors will appear and rays of light will be reflected and damage the enemies[1]. The symbol was listed again in the PSP remake, Star Ocean: First Departure.

It is included in the second game, Star Ocean: The Second Story and its PSP remake in Rena Lanford's and Celine Jules' symbology list. Once invoked, beams of light will rain down from an area with concentrated energy in the sky. This appearance applies to Star Ocean: The Second Story, First Departure and Second Evolution.

Laser Beams make another appearance as Sophia Esteed and Adray Lasbard attack symbol in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. When a character use Laser Beams, an orb will appear in front of him/her and rise up to the sky. A glyph is carved on the ground and the ray of light will rain heavily on the opponent.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey

Ioshua Jerand and Ronyx J. Kenny learn this symbol at level 23 and cost him 12 MP to cast it.

Star Ocean: First Departure

Laser Beams

Ioshua casts Laser Beams

"Rays of light flood the area, hitting all enemies on the screen."
—Symbol Description, First Departure.

Both Ioshua Jerand and Ronyx J. Kenny know this spell when they join the party. It costs 4 MP to cast. It is light elemental in this installment.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

"A spell that attacks all enemies on the screen with countless rays of light."
—Symbol Description, The Second Story.

Celine Jules learns Laser Beams at level 9, while Rena Lanford learns it at level 14. It has an MP cost of 10 for both. It is light elemental in this installment.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Sophia Esteed and Adray Lasbard can use Laser Beams.  Both learn this spell at level 54. It costs 150 MP normally. It is non-elemental in this installment; this is likely due to the continued research of symbols since SD 366 in order to make Laser Beams more effective against enemies immune or strong against the element of light.

Other Appearances

Star Ocean EX

Celine Jules used this symbol while battling Gargoyle in Krosse Cave and Demon Bird Jean.

Spell Combining

Star Ray

Rena and Celine invoke the Star Ray hybrid symbol.

As of SD 366, symbologists on Expel had developed the ability to combine different symbols of certain elements in order to make a completely new hybrid symbol; this ability had been known on Energy Nede for quite some time. Laser Beams, a light elemental symbol in Roakian, Expellian, and Nedian symbology, can be combined with several other spells to create unique symbological phenomenon.

This symbol behaves like a standard Star Light symbol except that a single target is given a barrage of laser beams in addition to the beams of solar light. This symbol is one of the earliest hybrid symbols available to the party and thus is not a spectacularly strong spell, nevertheless, it is useful at the early stages of the Hero of Light's adventures. In order to successfully invoke this symbol, begin to cast either spell and immediately invoke the remaining smybol.

Other possible combinations with Laser Beams[2]

  • Laser Beams + Laser Beams: Earliest combination achieved in the game. Somehow doubles the damage dealt by single Laser Beams.
  • Laser Beams + Earth Grave (Crushing Earth): Hits target affected by Earth Grave with low damage.
  • Laser Beams + Tractor Beam: Only hits a group of enemies that can be affected by Tractor Beam.
  • Laser Beams + Light Cross: Hits all enemies although did not do heavy damage.
  • Laser Beams + Lunar Light: Hits all enemies and deals better damage compared with other Laser Beams combinations.
  • Laser Beams + Star Flare: Hits all opponents. However, has lower rating compared with Laser Beams + Lunar Light.
  • Laser Beams + Shadow Bolt: Hits one target with low amount of damage upgrade.
  • Laser Beams + Black Saber: Hits one target with low damage.
  • Laser Beams + Shadow Flare: Hits all opponents with moderate damage.


  • Ray was renamed to Laser Beams in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. The subsequent usage of the Laser Beams name over Ray in First Departure and Second Evolution can be seen as a sort of gaffe; Roak and Expel are underdeveloped planets with no knowledge of lasers, and the sight of Claude's Phase Gun in action evokes myths and legends to explain it, rather than an understanding of technology.



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