Lemuris is the home planet of the Lemurisians. Its planetary size is only half of Earth's. Civilization level of the planet is similar to Earth's 12th century. On the surface, Lemuris is populated with mountains, which are enriched with a lot of minerals and fossil fuels. For this reason, most Lemurisians make mining for minerals their way of living. The atmospheric weather of the planet is similar to Earth's Northern Europe regions. The Lemurisians' society remains undeveloped and naive to the exposure of science and technology, where they treat such things as god-like. Symbology users are a rarity on Lemuris and only a few, such as Lymle, can handle magic adeptly. Known as Lemrick in the Japanese version of the game.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

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Lemuris is visited by the party after their ship has been repaired at the Eldarian base. They land on the planet and come across the nearby village of Triom. The villagers greet them as gods, and they meet Lymle while speaking to the village elder, Ghimdo. He has a disease called Bacculus, which is gradually turning him into stone. The party, with Lymle, set out to find the source of the illness. Lymle says that her friend Lutea has a healing symbol to cure the disease. After going to Woodley Village they find that the spell cannot be learned and directs them to the Alanaire Citadel to find the oracle. This oracle is not found either, just a Dragon Newt, which the party defeats. The oracle is inevitably killed by falling debris and the party are forced out of the Citadel. Upon returning to the village the elder tells them that a ship came to the planet some months ago. They go to the ship which they think could be the SRF-001 Aquila, although it is a Cardianon ship. Once they have gotten to the core of the ship, they find the first of the Epiphanies of Guidance. This creates Barachiel from a Dragon Newt, that the party must defeat. After doing so, the EoG is destroyed and they cannot use it to help them. When they return to the village everyone has died from the disease, including Lymle's grandfather - the elder Ghimdo. Lymle is distraught but the rest of the village praise them for getting rid of the disease. They set out to discover what the EoG's are and go back to the ship.

Dictionary Entry

A small planet, about half the size of Earth, discovered in the area of star HIP 57092 during a search for planets with Earth-like environments. The planet is located 1.6 AU from its star, with an axial tilt of 16.7 and a surface gravity of 1.3G (1.3 times Earth's gravity). Its atmosphere is roughly the same as Earth's. There are two continents, one each on the planet's northern and southern hemispheres, though only the northern one is inhabited by humans. Its level of civilization is approximate to that of 14th-century Earth, and its total population is unknown.


  • It should be noted that the name Lemuris may have originated from the lost continent Lemuria
  • HIP 57092 is a real Sun-like star about 110 light years from Earth, and at 1.6 AU, it would appear the same size and brightness in the sky as the Sun does on Earth. (Never look directly at the Sun!)
  • It is unknown why the dictionary entry states the Lemurisians as humans instead of a humanoid race. It's possible it could have been a poor translation or a mistake by the developers.

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