Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Enemy
7,000,000 700,000
Level Attack Defense
194 3,500 100
Agility Hit Intelligence
460 2,100 1,000
Location Sphere 211 - Floor 210
Planet 4D World
Resistance Wind, Fire, Water, Earth
Experience 250,000
Fol Dropped 625,000
Items Dropped Valkyrie Garb
Symbology Lightning Strike, Stone Rain
Abilities Nibelung Valesti
Anti-Attack Aura Star Guard

Lenneth Valkyrie, also referred to as Lenneth, is the main character of the Valkyrie Profile series, and has made small appearances in the Star Ocean series. Lenneth is considered the third most powerful boss in the game Star Ocean:Till the End of Time, and appears as a cameo, with her original appearance in the Valkyrie Profile series. She is first encountered on the fifth floor of the Maze of Tribulations, where she summons a stronger Duke Vox for you to battle. She is encountered again throughout the sealed floors of Sphere 211, summoning bosses for you to fight along the way. Her actual fight does not occur until floor 210, and is one of the few superbosses who can not be fought again after her defeat. She appears as a smaller, chibi version of her Valkyrie Profile character, which is mused upon in one cutscene where she loses balance due to her lance, but is extremely powerful against unprepared characters. It is often speculated that if she were to switch her attack power with Freya's immense 5,000, Lenneth would be superior.


Throughout the duration of the Maze Of Tribulations and especially Sphere 211, Lenneth intercepts the player's progress to summon bosses at set intervals. One floor before the top of Sphere 211, Lenneth appears one final time, prompting the characters to somewhat annoyingly comment on her several appearances. Lenneth, however, informs the players that this time they must deal with her, and she grows wings and armour, before the player is launched into a fight with her.


As a superboss, most of her attacks build on combos. She has fast movement speed and unlike most other enemies in the game, executes her major attack at quite a fast rate.

Major Attack

Her major attack starts with two upward slashes to her front, before she manifests a large tornado that ends in one final swing, setting of a ring of small explosions around her. This attack can be evaded by hearing Lenneth's cry of "haaaa..." and quickly moving away from her, however the attack has large range and splash damage, and hits several times. Unless you have complete or nigh invulnerability against Lenneth, or a No Guard to pair your high defense with, escape is futile if you're caught inside it.

Minor Attack

Her minor attack is a simple up and down slash with accompanying shockwaves, which is thankfully quite predictable and easily escapable compared to the rest of her arsenal. However, like all of her attacks, this also hits a painful number of times and can still effectively defeat a low HP character.

Close-Range Attack

Like other superbosses, Lenneth possesses a short range attack that hits all around her for a surprisingly nasty amount of damage, and she seems to use it more often depending on how many of your party members are surrounding her. Lenneth swings her spear and lightning bolts fly around her, harshly punishing anybody caught. This is nowhere near as devastating as her Major, but it is superior to her Minor and activates almost immediately.

Nibelung Valesti


Similar to Freya, Lenneth possesses a ridiculously powerful move, in the form of an attack from Valkyrie Profile: Nibelung Valesti. Just like in Valkyrie Profile, Nibelung Valesti deals withering amounts of damage on any enemy without complete nullification. Nibelung Valesti has two stages; Lenneth grows wings, jumps into the air, and plants the blast in the ground, before the blast expands in a split-second to cover a space the size of the battlefield. There is virtually no time to run from it, and if it lands in the middle of the field, it can easily spell Game Over. This attack hits much harder and lands more hits than the rest of her arsenal, and while she will only trigger it at low health, she can use it relentlessly once it's available. Accompanying the attack, is her cry of "I shall cleave into your flesh! Behold, my god-like Nibelung Valesti!" Lenneth plants the blast by 'Behold', and it covers the field by 'Nibelung'. It is possible to stun Lenneth or knock her out of the attack before she plants it, but once it's planted the attack will see conclusion regardless of action.


Her symbology attacks are nothing compared to her physical attacks although it can still kill and/or stun any low HP characters. Her spells are Lightning Strike and Stone Rain, which can be easily negated with Earth and Wind nullification or absorption, through accessories like the Blazing Pendant.

Battle Trophies

Number Name
156 Defeat Lenneth
157 Defeat Lenneth Without Taking Damage
158 Defeat Lenneth Within 10 Minutes
159 Defeat Lenneth at Universe
160 Defeat Lenneth at Universe Without Taking Damage
161 Defeat Lenneth at Universe within 15 Minutes
162 Defeat Lenneth at 4D
163 Defeat Lenneth at 4D Without Taking Damage
164 Defeat Lenneth at 4D Within 20 Minutes
191 Defeat Lenneth Using Only Major Attacks
203 Defeat Lenneth Using Only Symbology
206 Defeat Lenneth Using Only Charge
216 Defeat Lenneth Alone
222 Defeat Lenneth Using Only Metal Pipe

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