This is a piece of cake for me.
—Leon D.S. Gehste

Leon D.S. Gehste, also known as Leon D.S. Geeste, is a character from Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, and later reappears in Star Ocean: Blue Sphere.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Evolution

With his incredible brains, he has become a professor at the young age of 12, engaging in the development of Symbological Weapons. Perhaps due to the large gap between his high intellect and actual age, he doesn't have a very likeable personality. He also has a childish side to him, as every now and then he will depend on his mother. After he meets Claude and the others, he begins to open up little by little.
—STAR OCEAN:Second Departure Official Website.
Leon Invokes Symbol

Leon invokes a Symbol.

Leon is a child prodigy of Symbology at Lacuer. Though his skills in magic are nearly unmatched, Leon is excessively conceited and utterly sure in his abilities. This often leads him to take credit for the accomplishments of others, and his arrogance is further fueled by the majority of the Lacuer citizenship referring to him as "Master Leon". However, underneath the seemingly smug shell is still a child with fragile emotions who needs to rely on others in times of strife.

Leon is first seen in Lacuer during the Lacuer Armory Contest with his mother Florith. He is totally disinterested in the gladitorial bouts and smirks at the combatants who rely on brawn rather than brain. Some time later, when the player party takes refuge in Lacuer during the siege of beasts from the Ell Continent, Claude happens to explore the castle basements and listen in on a meeting between several Lacuer scientists, including Leon and his family. They are discussing their military project known as the Lacuer Hope, and the materials needed to complete the weapon. Leon volunteers to travel to the Hoffman Ruins to obtain a necessary mineral when Claude is caught eavesdropping, but his blunder is turned into an opportunity when Florith and Leon's father Murdoch suggest Claude and his friends accompany Leon to the Ruins. Because the entirety of the Lacuer army is stationed at the Lacuer Front Lines, Leon has no choice but to grudgingly accept Claude's offer of help. It is at this point that he develops a sort of friendship with Claude and begins to call the Earthling "Big Brother" ("Dude" in Second Evolution). Leon temporarily joins the party as they depart to the Hoffman Ruins from Hilton by boat.

When landfall is made, the group immediately sets out for the Hoffman Ruins and are met with a giant, futuristic door that blocks entrance. Leon assures everyone that he can deactivate the obstacle with ease, but after a few seconds of futile pushing and casting, he is forced to ask Claude to help him light up several facets of the door in order to open it. They descend to the abandoned mines of the structure and harvest an Energy Stone from a cache of minerals guarded by a pair of Harfainx. Once the item is collected, Leon leads the party back to Lacuer, where he leaves them behind and puts the finishing touches on the Lacuer Hope.

Leon Invokes Symbol 2

Leon casts.

At the Lacuer Front Lines, Claude and his friends, along with the Lacuer military, are locked in a stalemate with a swath of Elurian monsters. The tides turn when Leon and his parents arrive and begin preparations for the Hope's cannon to fire. The resulting blast obliterates hundreds of enemy combatants, and as the soldiers celebrate, Leon smugly returns to Lacuer in preparation for an assault of the Continent of Ell itself. Claude and his friends join Lacuer naval officers and Leon's family on a ship carrying the Lacuer Hope with the aim of catching the bestial horde by surprise. Unfortunately, the monster Cynne and his cronies begin to circle the craft, and when Leon fires the energy beam once more, Cynne easily blocks the blast with a highly advanced energy field. The winged demon then swoops down, knocks Claude's party unconscious, and throws them into the ocean. Fearing for their own lives, everyone else abandons ship as well and are left to drift amongst the harsh sea waves.

Claude wakes up on the Elurian coast and initially thinks he is the only survivor of Shin's assault. However, he soon spies Leon nearby and wakes the Fellpool, who immediately asks if there are any other survivors. Claude says no but reassures Leon that their friends certainly should have washed up somewhere else on the beach. Frightened and parentless, Leon's cool and collected demeanor shatters, and he begins to cry uncontrollably. Claude's consoling efforts do nothing to give Leon solace, and his tantrum only escalates. When Leon sobs that he wishes he were dead, Claude slaps him and harshly tells him that crying will do nothing to save Leon's family. Leon finally learns to place his own hope in another person, and together, he and Claude travel to the Eluria Colony.

When they arrive at the settlement, they are reunited with Claude's remaining party members. Leon asks if anyone has seen his parents and is reduced to silence when Florith and Murdoch's presence is not established. He follows Claude's party when they converse with the village Elder, who advises that they wrench control of Eluria Tower. The Elder suggests that Leon remain in the colony in the case that his parents show up. If the player controls Claude as their main character, they are then given the option of recruiting Leon into the party.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Immediantly after the inital storyline, Claude offered to take Leon back to Earth with him, Rena, and Precis. Leon first submitted a formal request to study on Earth, and was accepted. Leon dives right into his studies, learning about 100 years worth of Expellian knowledge in 2 short years. Crawd's mother immediantly takes to Leon, becoming his surrogate mother, thought Leon still keeps in touch with his parents back on Expel. Leon began some advanced Heraldic research while on Earth, drawing the attention of his other lab mates.

When Precis asks Leon to join her on the SOS mission, he accepts, easily putting aside his studies. He mainly wanted to show off his new-found knowledge to their friends, and heads off to Expel to help Precis gather the others.


Leon's weapons are spell books, which summon a female ice spirit to strike with a sword when using normal attacks. Interestingly, Leon's regular attack against aerial enemies is the second fastest among the cast, after Opera's, and he can keep them off balance easily.

While not very strong as weapons, his books grant him bonuses to magic, boosting the power of his Symbology, which is his primary strength. His offensive spells specialize in the Water and Dark elements, and he has a few statistical spells as well. He also has the highest INT growth in the game.


Name MP Cost Level/Item Learned
Ice Needles 2 0
Wounds 4 0
Shadow Bolt 7 0
Acid Rain 7 0
Deep Mist 11 0
Black Saber 14 0
Deep Freeze 15 0
Word of Death 18 0
Guard (Protection) 18 32
Starlight 10 34
Delay 18 36
Shadow Flare 32 39
Haste 20 42
Power Up (Growth) 22 50
Noah 35 54
Ravenous Fiend (Gremlin Lair) 26 60
Demon's Gate (Daemon's Gate) 37 66
Dark Sphere (Dark Circle) 65 78
Extinction 90 B5 of the Maze of Tribulations

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Standard Leon

Availability: Gacha Permanent

Role: Caster ACE 5☆ to 6☆

Weapon: Book


  • Impudent Attitude - ATK +30% (All Allies)
  • Lacuer's Genius Youngster- INT +40% (All Allies) / AP Recovery Speed +30% (All Long-Ranged Weapon Allies)
  • Quick Witted - Shadow Flare's Damage +150% when using Frigid Saucer (Arrow) (Self 8 seconds)
  • Nede's Hope - INT +20% when using Shadow Needle (Thorn) (Self 8 seconds)

Rush Combo: Daemon's Gate - AP Consumption -40% (Self 20 seconds) / Reduce Heraldy Cast Time by 25% (Self 20 seconds) Power: INT x 3,500% Max Hit Count: 15 Element: Dark


  • Frigid Saucer (Shoot) 16 AP - Power: INT x 190% Max Hit Count: 1 Element: Ice
  • Deep Freeze (Solid) 32 AP - Power: INT x 550% Max Hit Count: 9 Element: Ice Low Chance to Freeze
  • Shadow Flare 39 AP - Power: INT x 710% Max Hit Count: 5 Element: Dark
  • Shadow Needle (Thorn) 16 AP - Power: 160% Max Hit Count: 5 Element: Dark

LB 10 Level 70 Status:

  • HP: 12,390
  • ATK: 1,575
  • INT: 2,718
  • DEF: 1,365
  • HIT: 1,043
  • GRD: 819

Butler Leon

Availability: Gacha Limited

Role: Shooter ACE 5☆ to 6☆

Weapon: Daggers


  • Selfish Butler - Convert 50% of INT to ATK (All Attacker/All Shooter/All Defender)
  • Sensitive Listener - ATK and INT Based Damage +20%, when far from enemy (All Allies)
  • Schedule Management - AP Recovery +100% (Self) / AP Recovery +50% (All Allies)
  • Professionalism - During Charge Assault, gain Critical Immunity (Self) / Critical Chance +40%, when Charge Assaulting (Self)

Rush Combo: Dark Circle - ATK Based Damage +50% (All Allies 20 seconds) Power: ATK x 4,000% Max Hit Count: 10 Element: Dark


  • Flying Guillotine  16 AP - Power: ATK x 180% Max Hit Count: 2
  • Shockwave (僕) 19 AP - Power: ATK x 250% Max Hit Count: 5
  • Dancing Sword 53 AP - Power: ATK x 1400% Max Hit Count: 7
  • Gremlin's Lair 27 AP - Power: ATK x 580% Max Hit Count: 6 Element: Dark

LB 10 Level 70 Status:

  • HP: 15,645
  • ATK: 2,508
  • INT: 1,537
  • DEF: 1,589
  • HIT: 1,253
  • GRD: 910

Family Tree

Leon Tree



  • Leon temporarily joins the party in both Claude's and Rena's scenarios, but he can only be permanently recruited in Claude's scenario.
  • Leon's favorite instrument is the Violin (shared with Celine), while his favorite food is Carrot Juice.
  • In Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, while on Hyda IV, Sophia mentions that she is a fan of a "Doctor Leon"; it is possible she is referring to Leon Gehste.
  • Leon is one of three characters who can learn all talents (the others are Noel and Celine, albeit the latter can only start with one of the talents and cannot learn it).
  • Leon is also one of three characters to have two "victory" sprite animations which alternate from victory to victory -- one where he sighs, and the other where he winks and does the hand gesture for "peace," which means victory in Japan. The other characters are Precis and Ashton.
  • Leon's last spell can only be learned by finding it in a treasure chest in the Maze of Tribulations.
  • Leon is the youngest character to be recruited in Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake.
  • Leon does not like cold weather, indicated by a normal conversation during a Private Action in Princebridge.
  • Leon shares his Japanese voice actress with Celine in the original Star Ocean 2.