The following is the list of items present in Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution.


Angel Armband Golden Cross Moonite Shield Ring
Angel Hair Golden Earring Moonlight Shiny Earring
Anklet Golden Idol Necklace Silver
Aqua Ring Green Beryl Orichalcum Silver Barrette
Atlas Ring Green Bracelet Paralysis Check Silver Charm
Attack Earring Hard Earring Peep Half Silver Cross
Bandit's Gloves Hard Ring Peep Non Silver Earring
Battalia Ring Healing Ring Poison Check Silver Idol
Berserk Ring Heavy Ring Pretty Idol Silver Pendant
Black Earring Holy Ring Princess Ring Silver Ring
Blood Earring Infinity Ring Prism Ring Slayer's Ring
Blue Talisman Insanity Ring Promised Ring Star Earring
Crystal Iron Protection Ring Star Necklace
Damascus Israfil's Tear Purple Mist Star Ruby
Demonslayer Ring Leaf Pendant Pyre Tear Stardust Ring
Diamond Left Cross Rainbow Diamond Stone Check
Dream Bracelet Link Combo Recoil Bracelet Sturm Ring
Eclipse Ring Lot Bracelet Reflection Ring Surrender Pendant
Emerald Earring Luna Tablet Regeneration Ring Talisman
Emerald Ring Luna Talisman Resistance Ring Thunder Ring
Fairy Ring Lunatic Earring Reverse Doll Tri-emblem
Fairy Tear Lunatic Ring Right Cross Tri-emplem
Feet Symbol Magic Cross Ring of Happiness Trickster
Fire Ring Magic Mist Ring of Sadness Useless Decoration
First Earring Magician's Hand Ruby Water Ring
Flare Ring Mental Ring Ruby Earring Weighty Ring
Flash Earring Meteor Ring Ruby Pendant Weird Doll
Fortune Meteorite Rune Metal Wisdom Ring
Gale Earring Might Chain Sacknoth's Helmet Zephyr Earring
Gaudy Earring Mind Ring Sage's Stone
General's Ring Mischief Salamander Helmet
Gold Misty Symbol Santa's Boots
Gold Ring Mithril Sapphire
Golden Bracelet Moon Earring Shield Earring


Algol Glass Slippers Mud Boots Seraphic Garb
Amber Robe Golden Crown Neo Greaves Silk Robe
Banded Helm Hermit's Helm Neumann Boots Silver Greaves
Banded Mail High Heels Odd Clothes Silver Robe
Barrier Armor High-laced Shoes Odd Gauntlets Star Cloak
Barrier Shield Holy Cloak Odd Hat Star Greaves
Battle Suit Iron Greaves Odd Helmet Star Guard
Beret Iron Helm Odd Shield Steel Armor
Bloody Armor Ishtar's Robe Odd Shoes Steel Helm
Bloody Helm Isis Tiara Odin's Helm Steel-toed Boots
Boots Jeanne's Armor Original Boots Suede Boots
Brigandine Jeanne's Helm Pallas Athena Sylvan Boots
Buckler Jeanne's Shield Perforated Armor Sylvan Helm
Bunny Shoes Knight's Shield Pin Heels Sylvan Mail
Chaos Mail Leather Armor Plate Greaves The Armband of Kali
Core Plate Leather Boots Plate Helm Valiant Boots
Crestier Guard Leather Greaves Plate Mail Valiant Guard
Crown Leather Helm Rare Gauntlets Valiant Mail
Dream Crown Magical Hat Reflective Armor Valkyrie Boots
Duel Helm Mirage Robe Ringed Mail Valkyrie Guard
Duel Suit Mithril Coat Robe Valkyrie's Garb
Evening Dress Mithril Dress Round Shield Witch's Boots
Fame Helm Mithril Greaves Rune Buckler Wizard's Hat
Fine Shield Mithril Helm Rune Cap Wizard's Mail
Flashy Armor Mithril Mesh Rune Shoes Wooden Shield
Flying Hawk Robes Mithril Shield Sandals
Frog Moon Tiara Secret Boots


10 Volt Stun Gun Freeze Whip Psycho Box
Aero Gun Funny Slayer Pulse Box
All About ESP Gamma Box Radio Box
All-Purpose Knife Gemini Reference Book
Alpha Box Giant Fists Rod
Ancient Wisdom Golden Fangs Rod of Snakes
Asura Grand Stinger Rose Whip
Atomic Punch Great Punch Ruby Rod
Aura Blade Grizzly Claps Ruby Wand
Bagh Nakh Guard Sword Ruins' Fate
Baselard Gusguine Rune Full Moon
Bastard Sword Hard Cleaver Sacred Tear
Bent Rod Hard Knuckles Sawed
Beta Box Hard Whip Scyther
Black Box Heart Breaker SD Punch
Book of Awakening Hecatoncheire SDUGA Punch
Book of Chaos Heraldry Serpent's Tooth
Book of Darkness Heraldry Book Seventh Ray
Booster Box Holy Cross Sharp Edge
Both Shaver Holy Rod Sharpness
Brain Structure Holy Scriptures Shield Sword
Braised Knuckles Holy Sword Farwell Shock Gun
Broadsword Hyper Punch Silvance
Burning Hand Ice Punch Silver Fangs
Burst Box Ignite Sword Silver Rod
Cat o'9 Tails Illustrated Book Silvermoon
Cat's Fangs Invisible Whip Sinclair Sabre
Cestus Iron Punch Smaller
Clap Rod Kaiser Knuckles Sorceress Knuckles
Cracker Knuckles Soul Slayer
Crest Rod Leather Whip Spark
Crimson Diablos Levantine Sword Spark Hand
Cromlea Sword Light Whip Spark Whip
Dark Whip Lightning Gun Splinter
Death Fangs Limp Whip Straight Punch
Dictionary Long Edge Stun Gun
Double Masher Longsword The Hope of Breeze
Doubledemon Sword Lotus Eater Thick Book
Dragon's Claws Magic Box Thunder Punch
Dragon's Tusk Magic Hand Tiger's Fangs
Dull Sword Magical Gloves Titan's Fists
Eagle's Claws Magical Rod Tongue Twister
Electric Marvel Sword Treatise
Electro Gun Melufa Twin Picks
Electron Mental Revolution Twin Swords
Empresia Metal Fangs Twin-Edge
Encyclopedia Million Staff Twin-tail
Eternal Sphere Minus Sword UGA Punch
Fallen Hope Molecule Wire Ultra Punch
Fellper Nails Moon Fists Veil Piercer
Fire Punch Murasame Sword Voltage
Flame Blade One-two Punch Walloon Sword
Flame Gun Oriental Blade Weird Slayer
Flare Burst Pain Cestus Whirlwind
Flare Gun Pair Nuts Windsley Sword
Flare Whip Platinum Nails Wobbly Sword
Force Sword Pleiad Sword Worn Knuckles
Freeze Prime Prayer Worn-out Sword
Freeze Whip Psychic Gun X Box

Healing/Specialty Items

Healing/Specialty Items
'Spring' Holy Mist Resurrection Bottle
Aceras Hot Syrup Resurrection Mist
Angel's Statue Illusive Shamisen Ririca
Antiseptic Gloves Iron Risky Liquid
Aquaberries Jiggly Slime Rose Hips
Artemis Leaf Juicy Beef Ruby
Bandit's Gloves Lavender Rune Metal
Blackberries Lezard Flask Sage's Stone
Blueberries Lyre Sapphire
Cembalo Magic Canvas Seafood
Conductor's Baton Magical Camera Silver
Crystal Magical Clay Silver Trumpet
Cure Paralysis Magical Film Slippery Slime
Cure Poison Magical Rasp Smelling Salts
Cure Stone Magical Rice Smith's Hammer
Damascus Magician's Hand Soldering Iron
Danger Pot Mandrake Sour Syrup
Diamond Maple Syrup Spectacles
Egg/Dairy Products Marionette Pill Spring Water
Element Analyzer Material Kit Star Ruby
Energy Tonic Meat Survival Kit
Erlenmeyer Flask Merlin Drink Sweet Fruit
Fairies Card Meteorite Sweet Syrup
Feather Pen Mithril Text Software
Fountain Pen Mixed Syrup Vegetables
Fresh Syrup Moonite Vellum Paper
Fruit Musical Software Violence Pill
Fruit Syrup Nightmare Pot Violin
Ganze Sea Urchin Odd Medicine Wolfsbane
Goddess Statue Organ Wonder Drug
Gold Orichalcum Yarma Cooking Set
Grain Pet Food
Graphic Software Piano
Green Beryl Prime Tuna
Harmonica Purity Leaf
Herbal Oil Rainbow Diamond

Battle/Food Items

Battle/Food Items
Ishidaya' Tea Fruit Smoothie Revival Card
'Judgment Day' Gateau Marjolaine Rice Cakes
'The Last Supper' Gelatin Steak Rice Croquettes
'The Scream' Genie's Steak Rice Omelet
'Usunigori' Tea Genie's Veggie Soup Rice-bran Pickles
Baby Rabbit Risotto Ginger Ale Risotto Ecstasy
Daikon Miso Soup Golden Stew Root Beer
Macaroni Au Gratin Gorgonzola Rotten Sashimi
1-up Pudding Green Potage Sake Lees Pickles
Aged Berry Juice Ground Lamb Steak Salmon Omelet
Aloe Jam Gruel Sambai Tea
Amoeba Soup Half-dead Bomb Sashimi
Apple Cider Hamburger Sea Urchin on Rice
Apple Crepes Happo-sai Seaweed Miso Soup
Apple Jam Hassaku Tea Seltzer
Assault Bomb Heavenly Doria Shark Potstickers
Assorted Cheeses Hexagram Card Shark's Fin Soup
Attack Vial Hyperball Shock Oil
Au Gratin Climax Ichigoni Shortcake
Bacon & Eggs Ichigoni Supreme Shrimp au Gratin
Bad Tasting Stew Idol Shrimp Doria
Banana Crepes Inviting Filet Shrimp Pilaf
Beautiful Ice Cream Jambalaya Shrimp Shu-mai
Beef Croquettes Kamikaze Tonic Shu-mai
Berry Juice Killer Poison Silence Card
Big Tuna Konyaku Jelly Sirloin Steak
Bird's Nest Soup Lady Fingers Skanda
Bitter Juice Lilith Tonic Skanda Compress
Bitter Lotion Madness Mist Skanda Ointment
Blanking Mist Magic Rock Slime Jelly
Broth Magical Drops Smelly Rice Cakes
Bubble Lotion Magical Salad Smoke Mist
Cabbage Roll Meat Dumpling Smoke Oil
Care Tablet Meat Fried Rice Soda-Pop
Carrot Ice Cream Medical Rinse Sole & Fruit Sauce
Carrot Juice Melting Lotion Sole & Wine Sauce
Cheese Pizza Mental Pot Soul Trap
Chicken Doria Milky Potage Soy Milk
Chicken Skewers Mind Bomb Special Stir-fry
Chocolate Crepes Miracle Fried Rice Special Tuna
Coconut Milk Mirror of Wisdom Spectacles
Corn Potage Mortalial Card Spicy Cake
Creamed Stew Muscat Grape Jelly Spring Rolls
Crush Pill Mushroom Soup Squash Croquettes
Custard Pudding Natural High Squash Spring Rolls
Daikon Radish Nuclear Bomb Steak
Deluxe Doria Orange Au Gratin Steamed Aspic
Discovery Card Orange Sherbet Stink Gel
Dummy Doll Orangeade Strawberry Jam
Egg Sandwich Pancakes Strawberry Mochi
Energy Drink Paralysis Mist Strawberry Mousse
Exciting Tenderloin Paralysis Oil Succubus Cologne
Extension Card Peach Ice Cream Super Ball
Fairy Glass Pear Compote Sweet Dumpling
Fairy Mist Peep-peep Bomb Sweet Rice Cakes
Fairy's Cologne Peking Duck Tea Cloth Sushi
Fairy's Statue Pickled Plum Tetra-bomb
Fine Saute Pixie Cologne Toro Tuna
Fish of Happiness Plain Omelet Tri-ball
Fish Squash Salad Potstickers Tuna Skewers
Flare Bomb Prime Sirloin Vanilla Ice Cream
Fol Up Card Prime Tuna Steak Vegetable Juice
French Toast Prince's Zoni Stew Victorial Card
Fried Eggs Protection Bomb Wilted Salad
Fried Rice Quick Pickles Yaegaki Tea
Fried Vegetables Raspberry Jam Yogurt
Fruit Nectar Raw Milk Yogurt Salad
Fruit Sandwich Revival Card Yukiyucho Tea
Fruit Smoothie Rice Cakes

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