Symbology or Runology appear in Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time as an ability available to most playable characters, but most prominently wielded by Sophia Esteed, Adray Lasbard and Nel Zelpher, with Fayt Leingod and Maria Traydor learning various destructive and augmentative spells, respectively, in accordance with the powers afforded them by Symbological Genetics. Although Sophia's outstanding abilities as a symbologist are never fully explained, it may be presumed that she, too, was granted her powers by the research conducted upon her in her infancy.

Available Symbols

Offensive Symbols

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Rune Attribure Descriptions


The power of the light rune dominates fire and wind, and yields to water and earth. It results in sonic waves when combined with wind, and when combined with water, it is a flow that invokes life. Light and darkness cancel each other out.

The light rune is a pattern that acts on matter by converting it into runological force. A massive torrent of runological force is released into the surrounding environment, thought only trace amount of matter is lost.


The power of the darkness rune dominates water and earth and yields to fire and wind. It results in stars when combined with earth, and when combined with fire, it is a flow that invokes death. Darkness and light cancel each other out.

The darkness rune is a pattern that collects the runological force existing in the surrounding environment and converts it into matter. By condensing the matter it produces, it has the power to distort space, opening a portal to another world.


The power of the fire rune dominates earth and darkness and yields to wind and light. It results in death when combined with darkness and when combined with wind, it is a flow that invokes explosions. Fire and water cancel each other out.

The fire rune is a pattern with the power to increase the runological force possessed by the target matter. To prevent it’s own breakdown, matter with excess runological force absorbs oxygen from the environment, thereby stabilizing itself by reducing it’s excess energy. An accumulation of such energy causes matter to burn, and the resulting flames are nothing but a by-product of the runological force released into the environment.


The power of the water rune dominated wind and light and yields to earth and darkness. It results in life when combined with light, and when combined with earth, it is a flow that invokes lightning. Water and fire cancel each other out.

The water rune is a pattern with the power to decrease the runological force possessed by the target matter. To prevent its own breakdown, matter with insufficient Runological force absorbs environmental runological force, thereby attempting to stabilize itself. This fluctuation of runological force chills the surrounding air.The ice produced by invoking water runology is a mere by-product of the low air temperature.


The power of the wind rune dominates darkness and fire and yields to light and water. It results in explosions when combined with fire, and when combined with light, it is a flow that invokes sonic waves. Wind and earth cancel each other out.

The wind Rune is a pattern with the power to stop the flow of runological force around the target matter. When the flow of runological force accumulates in the surrounding air, it seeks a way to escape, resulting in a raging torrent that travels outward from the target. Controlling the flow of this runological force to make it do what one wants is the very domination of the wind.


The power of the earth rune dominates light and water and yields to darkness and fire. It results in lightning when combined with water, and when combined with darkness, it is a flow that invokes stars. Earth and wind cancel each other out.

The earth rune is a pattern with the power to accelerate the flow of runological force around the target matter. When the flow of runological force in the surrounding air accelerates, the flow itself becomes energy that can propel the target matter.

Elicoorian Research Notes

Correlation Between Runes

The correlation between Runes is thought of as a hexagon with the most ancient of runes (Light, darkness, fire, water, wind and earth) at it’s vertices. Enveloping this hexagon is another with sonic waves, explosions, death, stars, lightning, and live at its vertices, balancing out the forces of our world.

Transcendent Runology

In addition to the runology skills that are already known, there are a number of other powerful skills that have been used by legendary warriors. Many scholars have attempted to ascertain such runes, but not one has succeeded yet.

Correlation between runological force and runes

Runological force is pure energy that is the source of all action in this world. The power of Runological force can be artificially manipulated by carving patterns called runes when needed, and by combining different runes it is possible to control the flow of Runological force so it can be converted into forms engineers desire in order to produce particular results. The phenomenon that is produced is called runology.

Properties by attribute

In runology, there are actually a variety of properties defined by rune attributes. Runology that invokes the power of light has a very strong effect, but requires considerable power to invoke. Runology that invokes the power of darkness has excellent applicability, but this results in a loss in stability. Runoolgy that invokes the power of fire is easy to learn, but there are many beings resistant to it. Runology that invokes the power of water is widely effective, but is difficult to control. Runology that invokes the power of wind has a variety of effects, but is less powerful than the others. Runology that invokes the power of earth does not have any particular drawbacks, but it’s just not used much.

Attribute Ability

Each runologist has a certain affinity for light, wind, fire, darkness, earth and water attributes of Runology. Thus, when a runologist learns two vastly different skills, the effects they produce will be distinctly different. This applies even when the two skills are practiced in exactly the same way, and the same exact time is spent learning them both. This ability per attribute is intimately related to the character of the runologist, and is is thought that general attribute affinity can be determined based on character. However, it is not clear whether a runologist’s character is shaped later by innate attribute ability, or attribute ability is acquired later, according to the inborn character.