The following is a list of Xbox 360 Achivements and PlayStation Network Trophies available in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

List of Achievements/Trophies

Name Acquired Achivement Image Trophy Image Points Type
STAR OCEAN® THE LAST HOPE® -INTERNATIONAL- Platinum Trophy Congratulations! You've collected every last STAR OCEAN® THE LAST HOPE® -INTERNATIONAL- trophy! NA 01 NA Platinum
Rookie Battler Obtain 10% of all battle trophies
Obtain 15% of all battle trophies. (International Version)
Rookie Battler x Rookie Battler 10 Bronze
Novice Battler Obtain 20% of all battle trophies Novicex NA 10 NA
Practiced Battler Obtain 30% of all battle trophies. Pracx Prac 10 Bronze
Skilled Battler Obtain 40% of all battle trophies.
Obtain 45% of all battle trophies. (International Version)
Skilledx Skilled 10 Bronze
Accomplished Battler Obtain 50% of all battle trophies. Accx NA 10 NA
Seasoned Battler Obtain 60% of all battle trophies. Seasonx Seaon 10 Bronze
Advanced Battler Obtain 70% of all battle trophies.
Obtain 75% of all battle trophies. (International Version)
Advanced Advancedt 10 Bronze
Expert Battler Obtain 80% of all battle trophies. 01x NA 10 NA
Master Battler Obtain 90% of all battle trophies. 02 38 10 Silver
Ultimate Battler Obtain 100% of all battle trophies. 03 39 10 Silver
Ship Savant Collect 100% of all spaceship data. 04 Ship 20 Bronze
Arms Addict Collect 100% of all weapon data. 05 08 30 Bronze
Creature Collector Collect 50% of all monster data. 06 09 20 Bronze
Monster Master Collect 100% of all monster data. 07 40 30 Silver
Dilettante Designer Create 20% of all possible items. 08x 10 20 Bronze
Aspiring Architect Create 40% of all possible items. 09x 11 20 Bronze
Creative Craftsman Create 60% of all possible items. 10x 12 20 Bronze
Inspired Inventor Create 80% of all possible items. 11x 13 20 Bronze
World's Biggest Welch Fan Create 100% of all possible items. 12x 41 20 Silver
Treasure Hunter Open 50% of all treasure chests. 13x 14 20 Bronze
Treasure Hoarder Open 100% of all treasure chests. 14x 42 30 Silver
Errand Boy Complete 30% of all quests.
Complete 50% of all quests. (International Version)
15x 15 20 Bronze
Potential Postman Complete 60% of all quests. 16x NA 20 NA
Dutiful Deliverer Complete 100% of all quests. 17x 43 30 Silver
Abolished Armaros Defeat Armaros on the northern coast of Aeos. 18x 16 20 Bronze
Butchered Barachiel Defeat Barachiel in the engine room of the celestial ship. 19x 17 20 Bronze
Squelched Sahariel Defeat Sahariel in the Cardianon control tower's central isolation chamber. 20x 18 30 Bronze
Escaped from Earth Escape from the alternate Earth before its untimely demise... 21x 19 20 Bronze
Trounced Tamiel Defeat Tamiel and his Sydonaist henchmen in the hallowed halls of the Purgatorium. 22x 20 30 Bronze
Massacred Manifest Defeat Armaros Manifest in the grimy depths of the Miga Insect Warren. 23x 32 30 Silver
Quelled Kokabiel Defeat Kokabiel and her spawn in the sacred En II Sanctuary. 24x 33 30 Silver
Silenced Satanail Defeat Satanail in the Palace of Creation on Nox Obscurus. 25x 34 40 Silver
Universal Victor Complete the game on the Universe difficulty level. 26x 36 30 Silver
Chaotic Conqueror Complete the game on the Chaos difficulty level. 27x 47 70 Gold
Reimi's Ending View Reimi's ending sequence. 28x 21 10 Bronze
Lymle's Ending View Lymle's ending sequence. 29x 23 10 Bronze
Bacchus's Ending View Bacchus's ending sequence. 30x 24 10 Bronze
Meracle's Ending View Meracle's ending sequence. 31x 25 10 Bronze
Myuria's Ending View Myuria's ending sequence. 32x 26 10 Bronze
Sarah's Ending View Sarah's ending sequence. 33x 27 10 Bronze
Arumat's Ending View Arumat's ending sequence. 34x 28 10 Bronze
Faize's Ending View Faize's ending sequence. 35x 22 10 Bronze
Crowe's Ending View Crowe's ending sequence. 36x 37 10 Silver
Colosseum Charter Break into the top 30 in solo or team battle rankings. 37x 29 10 Bronze
Colosseum Challenger Break into the top 10 in solo or team battle rankings. 38x 30 20 Bronze
Colosseum Champion Take over the top spot in solo or team battle rankings. 39x 44 30 Silver
Hasty Hare Handler Earn 50 victories in class 100 bunny racing. 40x 31 10 Bronze
Rapid Rabbit Wrangler Earn 100 victories in class 100 bunny racing. 41x 45 20 Silver
Celestial Slayer Defeat Gabriel Celeste. 42x 35 40 Silver
Ethereal Executioner Defeat the Ethereal Queen. 43x 46 40 Gold

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