The following is a list of the locations in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

Planet Aeos

  • Landing Point - The area surrounding the Calnus' crash point and later, the eldarian Exploration Base.
  • Urd Falls Cave - Natural tunnel that leads to the northern coast of planet Aeos.
  • Northern Coast - Northern area that marks the landing area of the SRF-005 Eremia.
  • Exploration Base - Eldarian Exploration Base set on the Calnus' landing point on planet Aeos.
  • Undersea Tunnel - Tunnel connecting the northern and southern areas of the Aeosean continent explored.
  • Southern Reaches - Southern coast of the continent explored on Aeos.
  • Miga Insect Warren - Huge caverns filled with several species of giant insects.

Planet Lemuris

  • Thalia Plains - Area surrounding the Triom village.
  • Triom - First settlement found in Lemuris.
  • Alanaire Citadel - Citadel that stands as the residence of the Lemurisian Oracle.
  • Van Elm Region - Western route between Triom and Woodley Village.
  • Woodley Village - A settelement found west of the Alanaire Citadel.
  • Wind Swallow Valley - A valley east of the Alanaire Citadel that leads to the crash point of the Celestial Ship.
  • Celestial Ship - A Cardianon battleship that crashed in planet Lemuris.

Cardianon Mothership

  • Docking Bay - Area surrounding the docking bay of the Calnus.
  • Biological Laboratory - Cardianon biological laboratory holding various species. Used to hold hostile aliens captive.
  • Subterranean City - A Cardianon city located on the middle of the Cardianon Mothership.
  • Control Tower - Control tower of the Cardianon Mothership located on the center of the Subterranean City.

Planet Earth

  • Abandonend Town - An abandoned town located on the Nevada desert on the United States that hides a secret military base.
  • Military Facility - Secret military extraterrestrial research facility.

Planet Roak


Nox Obscurus

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