Special Arts are skills which can be used in realtime during battle. Every character has their own Special Arts which they either start the game with or gain by leveling.


Arumat P. Thanatos

Skill Obtained Description
Unholy Maelstrom Default Generate a giant scythe, take a swing with it, then strike it into the ground.
Nether Strike Default Strike the ground to call up a pillar of fire, launching the enemy skyward.
Diabolic Edge Default Lunge forward with a five-hit spinning scythe attack.
Bloodstorm Revolution Default Spin your scythe vertically at high-speed, striking over and over as you rise into the air.
Aerial Gallows Level 70 Attack with your scythe, then jump up and grab the enemy with it before slamming them to the ground.

Bacchus D-79

Skill Obtained Description
Force Breaker Default Launch a barrage of missiles from behind, exploding on contact and damaging any enemies in the vicinity.
Galvanic Shock Default Charge up both arms with electricity, then grab the enemy and shock them with a high-voltage burst.
Irradiation Level 30 Lock on to the enemy and call in a massive laser attack from the skies.
Termination Level 38 Rend the earth with a devastating chest beam, causing a shockwave.
Black Hole Sphere Level 50 Generate a gravity field that immobilizes enemies in the vicinity.
Blessed Buster Level 61 Tear enemies apart with a beam emitted by the Blessed Buster support mech.
Justice Savior Level 73 Pepper the enemy with bullets fired by the Justice Savior support mech.

Edge Maverick

Skill Obtained Description
Rising Blade Default Attack with four rapid strikes, then launch the enemy skyward with a final rising thrust.
Stampede Slash Level 10 Make a beeline for the enemy, slashing along the way.
Aura Spark Level 23 Unleash a wave of focused energy with a downward swipe of the sword.
Mystic Cross Level 39 Kick the enemy into the air, then jump up and run them through.
Cyclone Blade Level 54 Spin upward with your sword, slashing repeatedly as you go.
Celestial Sword Level 63 Spin jump to generate a huge energy sword, then strike the enemy three times.

Lymle Lemuri Phi

Skill Obtained Description
Hatchet Reel Default Summon Cerberus to perform a devastating spin attack on the enemy.
Scorching Star Level 18 Summon Cerberus to breathe a giant wave of fire that damages any enemies in the vicinity.
Hound Grenade Level 32 Summon Cerberus to chase after the enemy and set off an explosion.
Spiral Fang Level 41 Summon Cerberus to charge straight ahead in a swirling blaze of flame, knocking back any enemies in its path.

Meracle Chamlotte

Skill Obtained Description
Ripper Pounce Default Scratch the enemy with feline obstinacy, shredding them to pieces.
Comet Impact Default Strike the enemy right where it hurts with a devastating wind-up punch.
Acrobatic Vault Level 26 Launch a three-part kick combination that sends both you and the enemy sky-high.
Claws of Fury Level 38 Unleash a lethal flurry of scratches, uppercuts, and straight punches.
Somersault Smash Level 49 Roll forward, somersault kick the enemy into the air, then follow up with a crushing heel kick.
Drill Spike Level 61 Spin forward at high-speed, attacking any enemy in the way.
X Claw Level 71 Jump up and slash your crossed arms downwards, causing a shockwave underneath the enemy's feet.

Reimi Saionji

Skill Obtained Description
Sonic Thorn Default Fire a charged arrow that slices through everything in its path.
Seraphic Thunder Level 14 Shoot an arrow into the air, causing lightning to rain down in the vicinity.
Crimson Squall Level 25 Fire a charged arrow that erupts into a torrent of rapid-fire bolts.
Chaotic Blossoms Level 35 Close in on the enemy with a jump-kick, then launch a flurry of kicks that culminates with a crushing blow.
Hunter's Moon Level 46 Fire a charged arrow that explodes into a sphere of smaller arrows that rain down upon the enemy.
Crescent Wings Level 59 Fire an arrow adorned with wings of fury that cuts through any enemy it hits.
Heavenly Flight Level 72 Fire a charged arrow that strikes down from above and explodes on impact, causing widespread damage.


Faize Sheifa Beleth, Myuria Tionysus and Sarah Jerand do not have any Special Arts.

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