Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Lizard Commander
Japanese リザードコマンダー
Romaji Rizādo Komandā
Race Animal
Location Celestial Ship
Planet Lemuris
Weak points
Weak against Wind
Resistant to
Innate Abilities Enemy DEF +50%
Steal {{{steal}}}
Experience 14
Fol Dropped 99
Items Dropped Aquaberries
Lizardskin - (Zoology Drop)

The Lizard Commander is an enemy found on planet Lemuris in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

It is a basic upgrade of the Lizard Soldier, usually appearing at their side in battles. Their only difference is their higher status.

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Dictionary Entry

A lizardman more powerful in battle than the Lizard Soldier. He is believed to be a crewman of the so-called 'celestial ship," a craft piloted by crew from a highly from a highly advanced civilization, but just looking at him, intelligence is not the first thing that comes to mind.

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