Lycanthropes are natives of planet Roak. They are humanoids that are able to transform into were-animals when they get get excited. T’nique Arcana, a lycanthrope, states that there are werewolves, tigers, bears and even pigs. When transformed, some lycantropes lose thought and enter a berserk state, but they compensate for this by training their minds.

It is said that this transformation is caused by a curse on the lycanthropes' ancestors, and due to it, lycanthropes live isolated from other races. However, Ilia Silvestri states that this transformation might be the result of a virus.

Notable Lycanthropes

Dictionary Entry

An extremely rare race of individuals in which ordinary human cells and Beastfolk cells that have been transformed by a special virus coexist in the same body. The human and Beastfolk cells in a Lycanthropes's body will expand or contract when the heart rate exceeds a certain threshold.

As a result, the Lycanthrope's external appearance will appear to undergo a transformation.

Although there are some exceptions, a Lycanthrope's body will become more solid and powerful when the Beastfolk cells are in the expanded state.

There are many different Lycanthrope bloodlines, including those related to wolves, bears, tigers, dogs, rats, boars, and other animals. It should be noted that the legends about Lycanthropes transforming after viewing the full moon, or about the Lycanthrope's invulnerably to all weapons save those made of silver, are nothing more than superstitions.

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