Lymle's battle quotes in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.



"Fires of purgatory, coalesce and incinerate my enemies!"
—Fire Bolt
"Spin, doggie! Spin!"
—Spiral Fang
"Now I'm mad. Get 'em, doggie!"
—Trinity Blaze


"They haven't noticed us yet, 'kay?"
—Preemptive Attack
"This is bad, 'kay?"
"Why don't you just go home, 'kay?"
—Entering Easy Battle


"I could have done this all by myself. Too easy."
—Winning blow
"We won. Not bad huh?"
—Winning blow
"That was kind of dangerous, don't ya think? "
—Winning blow
"I'm strong too, 'kay?"
—Level Up
"I'm even stronger than Faize, 'kay?"
—Level Up *Interestingly, Lymle will still say this even if her level is much lower than Faize's, including when you choose to keep him instead of Arumat
"This feels pretty good, 'kay? "
—Level Up
"I'll protect everyone, 'kay?"
—Level Up
"It's thanks to you Edgie."
—Level Up

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