Mackwell is an Inventor from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A young man with a high opinion of himself, he is mostly seen in Aquaria Castle's library, looking down on anyone who isn't on the same level as him.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Mackwell was a gifted young student at runological school, and it was with his help that the Thunder Arrow even came into existance. But he grew fed up with the way Elena ran the department and quit. While he was glad to be away from the disorginized department, he still hung around Aquaria Castle in the library.

It is in the library where Fayt finds him. Mackwell claims that there's nothing Fayt can show him and tells him that he's wasting his time. However, when Fayt shows Mackwell the Book of Prophecies his tone suddenly changes, and Mackwell joins Fayt's crew of inventors on the condition that he gets the book.


  • Skills: Level 31 Alchemy
  • Time: +40%
  • Cost: +0%
  • Recruited with: Book of Prophecies 1
Can Invent
Repulsive Lump Overwrought Product
Strange Lump Misconceived Product
Iron Ruby
Sapphire Emerald
Air Gem Earth Gem
Fire Gem Water Gem
Crystal Diamond
Earth Homunculus Damask
Water Homunculus Wind Homunculus
Fire Homunculus Orichalcum

Dictionary Entry

An ingenious alchemist who graduated second in his class from the runological school located inside Aquaria, which he attended as a foreign exchange student. Mackwell is extremely fussy about his time's value, and always carries a schedule with each day's tasks listed down to the second. Acting alone, this gifted alchemist and scholar derived a unification theory that ties channeled force and magnetism, while working with Dion in Dr. Elena's research lab. This theory is what finally allowed the development of the Thunder Arrow to proceed. Unfortunately, after this breakthrough, Mackwell grew fed up with Dr. Elena's unstructured and carefree working style, and quit the research lab. In lieu of a retirement package, Mackwell made off with one of Elena's books, and still travels with it to this day.

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