"A strange plant which, when pulled from the earth, emits a scream that drives all who hear it mad. Contains a deadly poison."
Star Ocean: Second Evolution

A Mandrake is a mystical plant whose poison can knock out consumers when ingested orally; its poison is known to be effective against Earthlings, Expellians, Fellpool, Nedians, Tetrageniots, and whatever race of people the mysterious Welch Vineyard belongs to. It is an orange, carrot-like root, though shaped in a vaguely humanoid shape and grows commonly across both Expel and Energy Nede. Its poisonous properties can be tamed and shaped by individuals through the practice of Compounding.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

The Mandrake is categorized as a Single-Use Item and a Material; it instantly incapacitates the user when utilized.

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