A heavily injured Marianna standing in front of Claude at Fun City

Marianna is the general of Energy Nede's military military defense force, who accompanies Mayor Nall and the party during their first assault on Phynal. However, the enemies prove to be way too overwhelming, as Zaphkiel single-handedly defeats everyone without taking any damage on himself. Seeing there is no other way out, Marianna and her soldiers willingly sacrifice themselves by distracting the Ten Wise Men in order for Nall and the party to retreat. Her entire troop are believed to be completely wiped out and dead at this point.

Nonetheless, it is later revealed that Marianna has in fact survived the encounter against the Ten Wise Men on Phynal. After defeating the Wise Men Metatron, a Private Action in Fun City can be triggered with Claude/Rena running into Marianna on his/her way to Fun City Arena. Marianna, though severely injured, requests to test the hero for a battle to see whether the party are ready to face the Ten Wise Men. The protagonist declines the challenge, refusing to hurt Marianna under such a critical condition. Marianna comments Claude/Rena is so soft, and faints before she is eventually taken to rest in the Inn.

Claude/Rena manages to find someone to take care of Marianna, who lies on the bed breathing heavily. Though unconscious, Marianna is able to use her last strength to give the party three very helpful accessories: Slayer's Ring, Eternal Sphere and Berserk Ring. It is unknown what happens to Marianna afterwards, though she obviously dies together with the rest of Nedians after Gabriel unleashes the Symbol of Annihilation.