Marietta is a Klausian member of the organization Quark. After seeing Mirage Koas at work when she was a student, she quit school and started working for Quark, mainly as one of the pilots of the Diplo. She cherishes strong feelings for her crewmate Lieber, and will regret her decision not to speak to him on the subject should Fayt and Maria not be paired, in which instance Maria and Lieber will fall in love. As a character, she is rather underdeveloped, taking an active role in very few scenes throughout the game.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Marietta appears as a member of the Diplo's crew. She, along with Cliff and Mirage, helped to raise Maria after they found her. She was instrumental in the rescue of Robert Leingod.

Dictionary Entry

A member of the anti-Federation group Quark. Marietta happened to see Quark in action as a student, and was so impressed with the work of the woman Mirage that she decided to quit school and join the organization. She currently operates the controls of the Diplo, and is the type of person that never gives much thought to the future.

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