This town's steeped in the unique culture of this planet.

The town of Marze.

Marze, also known as Mars, is a town in Expel, belonging to the Krosse Kingdom, and located just west of the port of Harley. It is a town inhabited by Symbologists, being on the outskirts of the Forest of Symbols, which serves as holy ground to townsfolk as well as a safe location in which to train in Symbology. A densely populated halmet with a wide range of children as well as adults and the elderly, the citizens of Marze are careful in their training and discipline, with parents accompanying their children to train within the forest and scolding children if they cast spells without permission.


For a town of Symbologists, it doesn't look all that different from other towns.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford stop at Marze on their way to the port of Harley, where they plan to sail to Lacuer. Unfortunately, a cunningly planned abduction of all the local children by a force of thugs hiding within the Forest of Symbols has taken place, shaking the whole community. Just prior to the heroes' arrival Master Swordsman Dias Flac enters the village on his way to Lacuer to participate in the Lacuer Armory Contest; within the blue-haired sword-for-hire meets an elderly man sitting on a bench near the Forest of Symbols and thinking that Dias' skills would prove useful in the rescue of the children, the man takes Dias to speak with the village elder. Not long after Claude and Rena arrive and through the prodding of Celine Jules agree to assist in their rescue as well.

Folktales of Marze

The forest has been protected for ages by holy symbols etched into the land itself, repulsing the wicked and evil-hearted.
—The Master of Symbology

Excerpts from the book located in the village elder's library:

A long time ago, a heavenly figure descended from the skies and tattooed mysterious words into the palms of the Marze people. Those who were tattooed found that they had gained special powers. These words were in fact powerful spells, written in the language of the gods who had come from above.


The Newt's Eye
Item Cost
Fire Blade 4800
Cestus 1400
Ruby Wand 600
Open Helmet 500
Magical Cap 600
Ring Mail 1200
Silk Robe 1800
Round Shield 500
Suede Boots 200
Iron Greaves 110
Deadly Poison Bomb 300
Flare Bomb 450
Aquaberries 105
Blackberries 200
Blueberries 60
Resurrection Elixir 3600
Paralysis Cure 180
Spectacles 8
The Golden Cauldron
Item Cost
Seafood 500
Fruit 80
Grains 145
Meat 300
Vegetables 30
Eggs and Dairy 10
Radish Miso Soup 300


  • Sour Syrup
  • Purple Amulet
  • Silence Card
  • Silk Robe


  • The "heavenly figure" referenced in the mythology of Marze may be a reference to Fourth-Dimensional Beings as symbols are the code which programmed the galaxy--the "language of the gods." Another explaination is that these were Nedians visiting the early inhabitants of Expel.