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"Why does this have to be my fate?"
—Mavelle Froesson

Mavelle Froesson is one of the main characters of the first Star Ocean, as well as its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure.


Mavelle at first seems distant, solemn, and bent only on revenge, but she eventually manages to have a normal communication with others. When in Ioshua's presence, she seems rather uncomfortable as she is afraid to tell him that she is not who she seems....


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Mavelle is a beautiful and mysterious woman whose path crossed with Millie and Ronyx when they arrived to 46 SD Roak. She first meets the party when they arrive to the town of Ionis, and tells them of her story: She had been attacked and captured by the Crimson Shield, who killed her family and sold her to an assassin guild. After this, the player can opt to recruit her or not.

In case Mavelle and Ioshua are recruited, the player will see a major scene at the Old Race Ruins. Here the player will find out that Mavelle is actually Erys Jerand, Ioshua's sister, who had exchanged her body for the body of a Muah female, in order to seek revenge from the Crimson Shield. She will then join her original, frozen body and shatter it along the icicle she resides in, killing herself. However, in First Departure, if you have Ashlay in the party in addition to Ioshua and Mavelle, Mavelle becomes Erys once again.


Mavelle reveals the truth at the Old Race Ruins


Mavelle Froesson FD

Mavelle attacks using magic orbs. The interesting fact is that all of these orbs have elemental affinities, with the exception of the Rune Orb, the Orb of the Valkyrie, and the Silver Orb. The player should use caution when having Mavelle fight an elemental based-monster, as all her attacks (if using an elemental orb) may do no damage or even heal the enemy.


Name MP Cost Level/SFT Learned
Raven Orb 5 Default
Flare Orb 12 Default
Hail Orb 12 Default
Thunder Orb 12 Default
Ark Crystal 12 33
Seal Crystal 12 37
Death Crystal 24 39
Southern Cross 28 (Flare Orb + Omega SFT)
Seventh Star 40 (Hail Orb + Omega SFT)
Galaxy 50 (Thunder Orb + Omega SFT)


  • Mavelle automatically joins the party if you have recruited Ioshua. If you recruited Ashlay without Ioshua, or if you do not have either Cyuss, Ashlay, Ioshua or Phia Melle, you can choose to let her join or not. If you have just Cyuss, she will not join.
  • Mavelle is one of the two characters in the game capable of acquiring all talents (the other being Millie).
  • In a private action in Silvalant with Erys, it is hinted that Mavelle is more than just a vessel, rather having both her own mind and Erys's while Erys's soul inhabited her body. It is even hinted that Mavelle had a real name, even though the player never learns what it is.

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