Mayu is an Inventor in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A young girl who cooks in the Kirlsa Training Facility, she is getting a little tired of constantly cooking for the Black Brigade.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Mayu is found in the Training Facility, complaining about the tedium of constantly cooking in the old building. Fayt offers her an adorable kitty doll and she immediatly joins his crew of inventors to get away from the tedium of everyday life.


  • Skills: Level 19 Cooking
  • Time: +0%
  • Cost: -30%
  • Recruited with: Adorable Kitty Doll
Can Invent
Discordant Dessert Tuna Salad
Umeboshi Curry Rice
Umai-Bo 4 Umai-Bo 5
Umai-Bo 6 Tasteless Stew
Decorated Cake Super-Sweet Curry
Natto Chopped Steak
Cold Soba Fresh Spring Rolls
Kimchi Almond Jelly
Friend Turnips Pear Tart
Gratin Golden Curry
Spicy Cake Cheap Sashami
BBQ Pork Ramen Tough Steak
Broken Prophet Cider Brass Demon Cider
Howling Fox Cider Hungry Harpy Cider
Growling Fist Cider Umai-Bo 13

Dictionary Entry

A girl living in the Kirlsa Training Facility who, along with her mother, takes care of the soldiers of the Black Brigade. Mayu wears her heart on her sleeve, and tires of things easily, perhaps because her live involves day after day of nothing but repetitive chores around the training facility. Even though she often dreams of blowing up and venting her anger at her tiresome existence, she's basically a harmless girl.

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