The Melufa are a pair of evil, yet lucky, short swords in Star Ocean: The Second Story that can be equipped by one of the protagonists, Ashton Anchors. Although the blades possess magical properties to enhance the wearer's defense to light and dark energies, it has the unfortunate property that makes the wielder more susceptible to water elemental damage. The blades are a molted brown at their core and a gold at their edge, sporting red hilts and crosspieces; the pommel and the ends of the crosspeice are the same gold metal as the blade edge.

A pair of evil swords stained with darkness as they are said to havee been tempered in the blood of the devil.


ATK 1320 HIT 80 MAG 0 GUTS 0 STM 0 LUC 100 CRT 40
Factors - Water Defense + Light Defense + Dark Defense

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