Meracle Chamlotte

Meracle Chamlotte is a Lesser Fellpool and originates from planet Roak. She is a playable character in Star Ocean: The Last Hope. The party find her on the alternate Earth being held captive. She is a small cat-like being that is of similar proportions as Lymle. She can also be compared to Pericci, from the first Star Ocean, as they are both energetic Lesser Fellpools that fight with claws as weapon of choice.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Meracle is always cheerful and will seek to raise people's spirits around her when they are down. Being of an animal-like nature and due to sharing cat-like qualities, she has an abnormally curious personality as well as much higher hearing and smelling senses. As well as this she has a constant appetite and whenever she sees potential food or a reminiscent of it she yells "Yummy!". Also she pulls out a knife and fork with a bib and runs around waving them in the air. On Roak she is always after the bunnies as they are considered edible to her, and she thought that Sarah Jerand was a chicken which she is often drooling about. It is implied that although she returned to the right universe with Edge & crew she did not return to the right time. When the party first lands on Roak she makes note of something seeming different though she can't tell what. This is followed by her meeting the protaganist of her favortie book Eleyna & her ending heavily implies that she is in fact the Feline Gourmand that she once read about.

In Meracle's ending, which is obtained by Meracle having sufficient AR toward Edge, Meracle is living with Eleyna Farrence two years after the events of Nox Obscurus. At the start of her ending sequence, Meracle sneaks out of Eleyna's house and talks about how she's planning to run away, but Eleyna overhears and tries to convince Meracle to return. Meracle stubbornly shouts that nothing will stop her from running away, but then Eleyna finally gets Meracle to return by offering food she likes. While all this is happening, an artist is standing on top of a building in the distance, and at the end of the ending sequence, his painting is finished -- the cover art for Meracle's favorite book, "Eleyna and the Feline Gourmand". This also unlocks "Meracle's Ending" and is one of the prerequisites to viewing Crowe's ending.

Battle & Trophies

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Meracle is the game's resident martial artist, although she uses claws instead instead of knuckles. With her high strength, a high critical-rate, and powerful multi-hit moves, she is one of the game's most powerful characters. However, it takes relatively more skill to effectively link Meracle's abilities together.

Meracle is also proficient at the Crafting skill, which allows her to create new wands, claws and staves, clothings and accessories for the Calnus' crew at Item Creation.

Special Arts

Name Max Level Damage MP Cost CP Cost Acquired Notes
Ripper Pounce 10 ATK x310%-478% 8-12 2 Level 1 Scratch the enemy with feline obstinacy, shredding them to pieces.
Comet Impact 10 ATK x300%-650% 12-18 2 Level 11 Strike the enemy right where it hurts with a devastating wind-up punch.
Acrobatic Vault 10 ATK x360%-387% 14-21 3 Level 26 Launch a three-part kick combination that sends both the attacker and the enemy sky high.
Claws of Fury 10 ATK x360%-757% 16-25 5 Level 38 Unleash a lethal flurry of scratches, uppercuts and straight punches.
Somersault Smash 10 ATK x304%-464% 16-25 3 Level 49 Roll forward, somersault kick the enemy in the air, then follow-up with a crushing heel kick.
Drill Spike 10 ATK x350%-560% 18-27 3 Level 61 Spin forward at high-speed, attacking any enemy in the way.
X Claw 10 ATK x440%-645% 18-27 4 Level 71 Jump up and slash crossed arms downward, causing a shockwave underneath the enemy's feet.
Max Shockwave 10 ATK x560%-686% 20-29 6 Skill Manual Summon a massive ball of energy to hurl at enemies, blowing them over as it surges past.


  • Iron Claws
  • Vermillon Claws
  • Ocean Claws
  • Dragon Claws
  • Hurricane Claws
  • Slasher Claws
  • Bigfoot's Claws
  • Burning Claws
  • Hidden Claws
  • Rumble Claws


  • Meracle's Ocarina is likely a shout-out to Pericci from the first Star Ocean game. Pericci is also a Lesser Fellpool, and getting her Ocarina was required to recruit her.
  • Meracle is a character from her own favorite book, making it likely that she is out of her proper timeline.
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