The following is a list of Meracle Chamlotte's Battle Quotes from Star Ocean: The Last Hope.



"One, two, three!"
—Claws of Fury


"Big chance!"
—Preemptive Battle
"Thanks for the advantage!"
—Preemptive Battle
"Sure, we'll play with ya."
—Head-on Battle
"This should take like ten seconds."
—Head-on Battle (weak enemies)
"Now I'm playing for keeps!"
—Activate Rush Mode
"No more pulling punches!"
—Activate Rush Mode
"You wanna see what this cat can do, huh?"
—Activate Rush Mode


"Haha, now THAT was a snap!"
—Winning Blow
"Ahh, that was great exercise!"
—Winning Blow
"Myaa, mmm... tired."
—Winning Blow (difficult fight)
"That took long enough... so famished..."
—Winning Blow (difficult fight)
"Now that's how it's done!"
—Level Up
"This is perfect, I feel good!"
—Level Up
"I never thought I'd get so, like... mighty."
—Level Up (high level)

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