Meteor Swarm

Ronyx casts Meteor Swarm

Meteor Swarm is a recurring Symbology spell in the Star Ocean series. It's a very powerful offensive spell in the games it appears and it consists of a symbol which summons many meteors upon the battlefield. It is star-elemental in The Second Story and Blue Sphere, light-elemental in First Departure and Second Evolution, and fire-elemental in Till the End of Time.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

"Giant meteors hurtle down, hitting all enemies on screen."
—Symbol Description, First Departure.

Ronyx J. Kenny and Erys Jerand learn Meteor Swarm after it is obtained on 2F of the Revorse Tower and it requires 70 MP to be casted. This spell is also used by Gabriella.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Celine Jules learns Meteor Swarm after it is found at B10 of the Maze of Tribulations and it requires 82 MP to be casted. This spell is also used by Gabriella Celesta and the Iseria Queen.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Sophia Meteor Swarm

Sophia invokes Meteor Swarm in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Sophia Esteed can learn Meteor Swarm through the Profound Scroll, which is found on floor 210 of Sphere 211 and is the strongest offensive spell of the entire game. It has a CP rating of 10 and can only be used by setting it to a button as a Battle Skill. After performing a long incantation, Sophia calls down a storm of meteors that pelt her enemies, causing massive damage. It is a fire-elemental spell and it takes one and a half minutes to cast due to the way Sophia needs to invoke it. By equipping the Quick Symbol ability, the cast time is shortened to 45 seconds. This spell can take up most of the battlefield.

Other Appearances

Valkyrie Profile series

Meteor Swarm appears as a dark-elemental Great Magic in the Valkyrie Profile series.

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