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"Hahahaha! Aren't you guys cold?"
—One of Michael's tuants when using the Spicule

Michael, also known as Decus, is one of the Ten Wise Men. He appears as an antagonist in Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution.



Michael on the original Nede.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Michael first appears atop Eluria Tower with the other Wise Men, moments before the clash of Expel with Energy Nede.

Michael is later found at Phynal, in the first attack against the Wise Men stronghold. In the retaking of Phynal, Michael is shown to be an high-rank Wise Man with a taste for destruction, and is fought alongside Haniel after Camael, Zadkiel and Raphael; and before second-in-command Wise Man Lucifer.


Main article: Michael (Boss)
  • In Phynal, Michael fights alongside Haniel. All his spells and special arts are fire-based, including his ultimate attack, Spicule, which deals major damage to characters without any fire protection and may even wipe out said characters even at full HP. He is, however, weak against water-based skills and spells. He knows all fire based spells such as explode and know healing spells as well so this may be your first target in this 2 enemy battle. He has over 167,000 HP with 400 MP in earth mode and even more so in stronger modes.
  • His spells are Explode, Eruption, Fire bolt, Cure All , and Earthquake.


  • In the PSP remake Earthquake (Stone Rain) was removed from his spell list possibly to make him a full fledged fire based enemy.
  • In the PSP remake Michael's Fire Attributed Fist attack was removed making it a normal attack possibly to make him a tougher enemy as equipping fire absorbing or nulling equipment would've made party members impervious to his arsenal.

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