Miki Sauvester (ミキ・ソーヴェスタ, Miki Sōvesuta?) is the deuteragonist of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness and reappears in Star Ocean: Anamnesis as a playable character. A young girl who was orphaned by the plague, she was taken in by Daril Camuze, who raised her alongside his son Fidel.


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When Miki was a small child, the village of Sthal was afflicted by a horrible plague, taking the lives of both her her parents as well as Fidel's mother. Afterwards Fidel's father, Daril, took in Miki as his own and raised her alongside Fidel.

Fidel and Miki, sitting in their hometown of Sthal

Daril didn't spend much time at home due to his duties to Resulia and the ongoing war, so Fidel became an older brother figure to Miki. This led to them becoming very close friends.

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Despite her small stature, Miki is a gourmand capable of devouring everything listed on a restaurant's menu on her own.

Miki affectionately calls Fidel "Fiddly" which shows their close relationship.

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Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Miki is a gifted signeturge, specializing in healing and recovery abilities, but also capable of fire, earth, and light attacks. She is the only party member to learn advanced healing abilities such as EX Healing and Faerie Light, as well as Raise Dead and Resurrection.

Special Arts

Name MP Cost Skill Book Element Description
Healing 6 Restorative Signets, Vol. 1 Restorative Restore the HP of one party member.
Ex Healing 14 Restorative Signets, Vol. 2 Drastically restore the HP of one party member.
Faerie Healing 17 Fae Signets, Vol. 1 Slightly restore the HP of all party members.
Faerie Light 27 Fae Signets, Vol. 2 Restore the HP of all party members.
Faerie Star 44 Fae Signets, Vol. 3 Drastically restore the HP of all party members.
Antidote 6 Purification Signets, Vol. 1 Cure one party member of poison.
Cure Condition 15 Purification Signets, Vol. 2 Cure all of the following status ailments afflicting one party member: poison, paralysis, freeze, curse, silence, fog, and stun.
Raise Dead 22 Pneuma Signets, Vol. 1 Revive an incapacitated party member.
Resurrection 46 Pneuma Signets, Vol. 2 Revive and fully heal an incapacitated party member.
Earth Glaive 8 Cerulean Orb Signets, Vol. 1 Earth Cause earthen spears to burst forth from under the enemy's feet. All enemies hit are launched into the air.
Stone Rain 17 Cerulean Orb Signets, Vol. 2 Cause massive boulders to descend from the sky that may temporarily stun the enemies they strike.
Terra Hammer 25 Cerulean Orb Signets, Vol. 3 Drop gigantic jagged boulders onto and around your target. All enemies hit will have their DEF temporarily lowered.
Fire Bolt 5 Solar Signets, Vol. 1 Fire Unleash scorching balls of flame that tenaciously follow their target.
Explosion 35 Solar Signets, Vol. 4 Drop a seething, blazing rondure down onto your target and have it violently detonate, incinerating enemies over a wide swath.
Volcanic Burst 13 Solar Signets, Vol. 2 Generate a flaming vortex that emerges under your target, launching all enemies within it into the air.
Radiant Lancer 19 Moonlight Signets, Vol. 1 Light Rain down manifold spears of light that always pierce their target.
Aurora Rings 9 The Founder's Signets, Vol. 1 Cause multiple columns of light to rise around the target and perhaps temporarily cloud the vision of enemies encased within them.
Sunflare 27 Solar Signets, Vol. 3 Radiate focused beams of sunlight down from the sky that temporarily lower the INT of all enemies they strike.
Divine Wave 38 Moonlight Signets, Vol. 3 Non-elemental Erect a wall of light around you that emanates outward and knocks back any enemies in its path.
Silence 18 Signeturgical Book of Quietude Silence a target enemy and nearby foes.
Arcane Weapon 22 Moonlight Signets, Vol. 2 Restorative Allow one party member to absorb enemy MP through normal attacks.

Reserve Rush


Miki activating Arcadia.

Miki's Reserve Rush ability is not an attack, but a powerful group heal called "Arcadia". When activated, Miki performs a short incantation, then heals the entire party for a massive amount of hp, increasing with each piece of the Reserve Rush Gauge that is consumed. When 3 or more sections of the gauge are consumed, Arcadia also revives incapacitated allies, making it an instantaneous group heal and resurrect ability.

Miki is the only character with a support ability for a Reserve Rush, giving her a unique role in using the reserve rush gauge.

Attribute Scaling

1 192 131 12 15 9 17
20 3012 821 66 86 61 98
50 10036 2096 152 200 146 229
75 18038 4075 273 360 266 413
99 23318 5955 413 545 403 626
125 29235 8493 565 746 552 856
150 33368 10660 686 907 672 1040
175 36488 12827 772 1021 756 1171
200 44113 15522 827 1094 811 1255
225 52249 17791 860 1137 843 1304
255 60851 20483 880 1164 863 1337

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

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