"I could produce even better medicines if you'd invest in my work. And that investment would save the lives of many unfortunate people throughout these lands."
—Milenya asked to be funded by Fayt and Co.

Milenya is an Inventor in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A noble woman, she is trying her best to heal those who have been injured during the war.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Milenya is found in the Arias temple, tending to the injured. She tells Fayt that if she had more funds she'd be able to make better medicine for the sick. Fayt gives her 3200 Fol which is more than enough to satisfy her and she joins Fayt's crew of inventors.


  • Skills: Level 19 Compounding
  • Time: +0%
  • Cost: -20%
  • Recruited with: 3200 Fol
Can Invent
Bitter Potion Fruity Potion
Syrupy Potion Antidote
Berry Potion Aqua Potion
Sweet Potion Tears of Venus
Medicine Bottle Miracle Power
Faerie Elixir Heroic Elixir
Resurrection Elixir Fizzing Potion
Bubbly Potion Witch Tablets
Super Potion Verdurous Potion
Verdurous Potion

Dictionary Entry

A trueborn noble and head of one of the top two houses of the Kingdom of Airyglyph. Recently, however, Milenya has expressed objections to the war with the Kingdom of Aquaria, and this earned her the wrath of the powerful warmonger Duke Vox. Vox had her branded as a rebel and subjected to house arrest. Unsurprisingly, not even Vox dared to execute the head of a noble house with such a long and distinguished heritage. But even a punishment as light as house arrest must be difficult to endure for a woman who has known nothing but luxury since birth.

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