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SO3EM Map Textless

A map of the Milky Way divided into sectors.

Milky Way

This is a translated and updated map of the Milky Way, with a margin of error of a few thousand light years. The Faycreed IV planet from SO5 is missing, because there is no information about the sector position, but they say only that it is 6000 light years away from Earth. Also, this is the PSD file: download link I hope someone makes a better map.

The Milky Way is the galaxy where the Star Ocean series takes place. It is divided in multiple sectors, named from Alpha to Zeta. As of 720 S.D., almost half of the Milky Way was under possession of the Pangalactic Federation, while the rest was either unexplorer or under possession of the Aldian Empire or Veendini Empire.

Also, in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, it is discovered that the Milky Way is a corrupted area of the Eternal Sphere due to the overuse of Symbology by its population, leading Luther Lansfeld to decide to eliminate it.