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The Dome on Milokeenia.

Milokeenia, also known as Milocinia, is a planet located in the Theta Sector. While an advanced civilization once lived here, all that remains is a dome that looks like the focus point of an explosion. The contents inside the dome are considered an Out of Place Artifact.


Star Ocean: The Second Story

"Who would build such a thing, and why? What is going on...?"
Scan of Milokkena EX

The Calnus' Scan of Milokeenia.

Ronyx J. Kenny was investigating this planet with an away team including his son Claude. Inside the dome the research team started scanning the local area, but found nothing. Against his father's orders not to touch anything, Claude investigates a weird device that suddenly opens up a portal. Getting sucked in, Claude finds himself on planet Expel.

Dictionary Entry

An uninhabited planet in the Theta Sector. The former inhabitants of this planet had a well-developed civilization, and the ruins of a gigantic, dome-shaped structure can be found on the planet. This dome is famous as the place where the amazing OPA known as Creation Energy was discovered. This event drastically changed the course of the Pangalactic Federation's history. When the ruins remaining on this planet were examined and analyzed, it was discovered that the collapse of a ruin triggers the release of a tremendous amount of energy equivalent to magnitude 1 from inside. Therefore, it is generally believed that the civilization was destroyed by Creation Energy running amok as it was being researched.


  • Although it's never stated, Milokeenia might have been a Nedian Creation Energy research facility.
  • In the anime of Star Ocean EX it is revealed that The Ten Wise Men destroyed the inhabitants of Milokeenia and that the planet was once very highly advanced with a strong civilization.

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