Mirage Koas (ミラージュ・コースト, Mirāju Kōsuto) is one of the main characters of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. She's a long-time friend of Cliff and his partner in Quark. Quiet and mild-mannered, she is an excellent fighter, as befits the daughter of a dojo-owner. Cliff learned to fight at the same dojo club and throughout their youth had many matches.


On Elicoor II, Mirage splits up from Cliff and Fayt, going about helping behind the scenes. She joins the combat party formally upon the return to Elicoor II (after Styx) on the second Disc. Mirage is recruited on the Diplo.

Mirage, like Adray, is a character that was made playable in combat only with the release of the Director's Cut version of the game. Unlike Adray, who didn't exist at all in the original Japanese version, Mirage was simply an NPC from beginning to end.


You're forgetting she's a Klausian. She'll be fine--I pity the soldier that tries to take her in.
—Cliff comments to Fayt regarding Mirage's combat capabilities.

As a fighter, she and Cliff's fighting styles are so similar that only a handful of moves differ between them (the differences are in the color and look of their Killer Moves). While Cliff's moves involve mostly his fists, Mirage's moves involve using both her feet and fists. She has some of Maria's moves, such as Triple Kick and Crescent Locus, because it is revealed in the Director's Cut that she was the one who taught Maria to fight.

Mirage has a naturally higher MP growth than Cliff as well as better defense, so she can replace him if his lower stats are an issue. On the other hand, having both Klausians in the battle party allows for some damaging chaos.

Battle Skills

Skill Name Level Acq HP/MP Useage Fury% CP
Charge Default 20/5% HP 20/42 4
Aerial Default 10/5% HP 20/42 2
Sphere of Might Default 20/6% HP 15/35 4
Hammer of Might Default 15/5% HP 20/47 4
Electric Fists 33 20/5% HP 9/40 6

Aerial Assault

41 80/8% HP 20/47 5
Crescent Locus 45 50/5% HP 20/47 4
Triple Kick 49 150/8% HP 20/47 5
Acrobat Locus 56 350/9% HP 20/50 6
Avenger Charge 62 410/10% HP 25/55 8
Infinity Kick Has to be found in the Maze of Tribulations B5F or Ursa Cave Temple 600/14% HP 30/60 8
Blazing Cannon Has to be found in the Sphere 211 178th level 550/11% HP 30/60


Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Availability: Gacha Permanent

Role: Attacker ACE 5☆ to 6☆

Weapon: Knuckle


  • Skillful Kicking - ATK +20% (All Allies)
  • Klaustrian Bloodline - ATK Damage +20% when distance between target is Short (All Allies)
  • Heart of Mercy - AP Recovery from normal attack +100% when distance between target is Short (All Allies)
  • Personal Teachings inherited from Father - Critical Rate +30% & Critical Damage +30% when HP is 100% (Self)

Rush Combo: Avenger Charge - AP Consumption -30% % Recover 10% of Max HP every 3 seconds (Self 20 seconds) Power: ATK x 4,000% Max Hit Count: 15 Element: Fire


  • Acrobat Locus 41 AP - Power: ATK x 710% Max Hit Count: 7
  • Crescent Locus 17 AP - Power: ATK x 150% Max Hit Count: 4
  • Trident Arts 24 AP - Power: ATK x 250% Max Hit Count: 3
  • Electric Fist 29 AP - Power: ATK x 410% Max Hit Count: 3

LB 10 Level 70 Status:

  • HP: 15,750
  • ATK: 3,243
  • INT: 1,563
  • DEF: 1,930
  • HIT: 1,155
  • GRD: 819