The Missing Procedure is the name given by the Morphus to an entity that exists in a parallel dimension, it is the creator of the Grigori and the Phantoms and is the primary antagonist of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. The Missing Procedure's goal, while shrouded in mystery appears to be the siphoning of energy from the Universe to power itself, left unchecked it would eventually grow powerful enough to consume the Universe entirely.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

As revealed by Ex and Giotto Vandione on En II, the Missing Procedure is an entity that exists outside the Universe as a whole. It powers itself through its creations, the Grigori, who spread themselves throughout the Universe, corrupting the evolution of the lifeforms they encounter to siphon energy to the Missing Procedure itself. Edge had encountered several of the Grigori and their servants, the Phantoms, during his travels, and witnessed first hand the destruction they carried with them. With the help of the Morphus, Edge was able to locate the Grigori's link to the Missing Procedure, the massive creation known as Nox Obscurus. The Morphus, along with the Earthling and the remnants of the Eldarian Fleet launched a combined attack against Nox Obscurus, allowing Edge access to the core of the planet itself. There Edge met and defeated the Missing Procedure's avatar Satanail, severing the Missing Procedure's link to the Universe as a whole. While the Missing Procedure was not destroyed, the Morphus swore that they would keep a close eye on any further hints of its presence, so that it could never gain a foothold in the Universe again.