The Moonshadow Clan is a group of thieves opperating in Duggus Forest. They tend to cause problems for the people of Petterny and its rumoured that their leader holds a great treasure.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

While investigating the Duggus Forest, the party comes across a shack. Inside they find Roger S. Huxley in a cage. After his innocent facade is seen through, he demands that they let him out, since the Moonshadow Clan locked him in the cage. He then tells the party he's after the treasure the boss of the clan carries.

Back outside they bump into the boss who is annoyed at Roger's antics and gets insulted when Cliff remarks how evil he looks. After a short fight, Roger takes the treasure off him and the clan no longer possess a threat to anyone.

Dictionary Entry

An armed band of thieves that has recently made its base in Duggus Forest, to the west of the town of Peterny. The Moonshadow Clan preys upon merchants passing by on the road, robbing them of all the money and valuables they can get their hands on.

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