There is nothing we Morphus cannot decipher. You may bask in our great knowledge.
—Well-Versed Man in Green's Skill Guild on En II.

The Morphus are a race in the Star Ocean series, first seen in Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Their appearance is very human-like, with the exception of having pointy ears. Morphus can be found on En II.

Notable Morphus


  • Since the Morphus were around for over 3.7 billion years, in addition to the facts about their physical appearance (notably their ears), their extensive knowledge of Symbology and their apparent ability to use it without inscribing symbols on their bodies, two locations on Energy Nede and En II sharing the same name of Centropolis, and Psynards appear to live on their home planet of En II, it is possible that Morphus are somewhat related to Nedians, perhaps even a direct off-shoot.
  • Purely speculative, going along with the possibility of the Morphus and Nedians being related, and Energy Nede and En II both being artificial planets, it seems very possible that "En II," considering it's pronunciation as "E N Two," could possibly stand for Energy Nede Two.
  • In addition, the Transporter which Bacchus erects on Nox Obscurus to teleport the En II Fighters inside is almost identical to the Nedian transporter in the Outer Garden Paradise on Energy Nede.
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