A dry, arid region of large desert located on the continent of Gaitt. Here, water is life, and without it death will come quickly. Passage over land to anywhere other than the Ancient Ruins of Mosel is virtually impossible. The only way to travel beyond the desert is through the air or underwater.

During Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Fayt and the party must pass through the Mosel Dunes on a couple of occasions. The first time, you must traverse the desert by hopping from water spring to water spring in order to survive the harsh conditions of the desert. This can be prevented once reaching the Ruins of Mosel and finding the Aqua Veil, which allows you to travel the desert without needing water.

Upon each of your visits to the desert, the monsters encountered here are very difficult, and can use both offensive and support symbology very well. The items found in the desert are also very helpful. In order to reach the Mosel Dunes, you must travel through the Passage from Parch to Plenty, which is located just outside of Surferio.

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