Mt Eckdart

Foster's hut at Mt. Eckdart.

Mt. Eckdart is a mountain in the outskirts of Eckdart in the Van Kingdom. It is home to Foster, a hunter who saved Ioshua Jerand after his family was attacked.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Mt Eckdart - WM

Mt. Eckdart on the world map.

At Mt. Eckdart, the party finds Foster's hut in Mt. Eckdart. Inside, the old hunter asks the young heroes if they would clear the woods of the monsters inside. After they are all killed, he thanks them with a Elven Bow as reward.

Character Recruitment Changes

  • If Ioshua Jerand is in the party, he will talk about Mt. Eckdart and Foster to the party when leaving Eckdart, and the party will sugest a visit.



  • Blueberries
  • Spectacles
  • Fine Shield
  • Rod of Jewels
  • Robe of Deception
  • Elven Cap
  • Elven Bow

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