Muah Castle

The Kingdom of Muah.

The Muah Castle is the castle at Portmith, that serves as the home of the royal family of the Muah Kingdom. It is a very luxurious castle, rather than a military base like in the other kingdoms. A large treasury exists underground, with precious items inside.


On their quest for the Emblems, Roddick and his friends arrive to Muah Castle. There, they are requested to get rid of monsters that roam through the large treasury beneath the castle, and preferably, to do that they don't return.

On the deepest chamber they find a greed Succubus that infiltrated the castle's treasury and doesn't plan to leave. After defeating her, the party returns to the castle for an audience with the king.

The King of Muah then entrusts the heroes a legend of the Muah that rests with the royal house for generations. After this, the heroes continue on their search for the Eye of Truth.



The Castle Treasury contains several powerful equipment that must be returned to the castle after finishing this dungeon. However, if this precious equipment is customized into other equipment, the new item will stay in possession after the dungeon is finished.

  • Luxurious Sword
  • Luxurious Rod
  • Luxurious Robe
  • Medicine Bottle
  • Feline STF
  • Luxurious Armor
  • Resurrection Elixir
  • Luxurious Armor
  • Luxurious Rod
  • Luxurious Sword
  • Bagua STF
  • Luxurious Robe
  • Medicine Bottle
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