The following is a list of Myuria Tionysus's Battle Quotes from Star Ocean: The Last Hope.



"I'll freeze you to the bone!"
—Deep Freeze
"Lightning, resound!"
—Thunder Flare
"Get up already."


"Do you really think you can handle me?"
—Head-on Battle
"Let's clean this mess up already."
—Head-on Battle
"Looks like there won't be much for me to do."
—Head-on Battle (weak enemies)
"How could you not notice such a beautiful woman?"
—Preemptive Battle
"Oh my, didn't see you there."
"You think that gives you some kind of advantage?"
"I didn't think I'd have to get this serious!"
—Activate Rush Mode


"Talk about all show and no go, huh?"
—Winning Blow
"What do you think? C'mon, tell me the truth."
—Level Up
"I'm not letting you kids beat me yet."
—Level Up
"I wish he could have seen me become this strong."
—Level Up (high level)

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