Nall is a minor character in Star Ocean: The Second Story. He is the mayor of Centropolis, and the chief politician of the entire Energy Nede. Though his past is not revealed, he apparently possesses a great deal of knowledge and information about the Ten Wise Men and history of Nede. He also seems to know Rena and her past, a fact never explained in the game.

I am the one who brought you here. My name is Nall, I serve as the Mayor of the Centropolis.
—Nall speaking to the party after meeting them for the first time.


As the party is teleported to the outer Garden Paradise on Energy Nede, Nall calls out to them and ask Rena and her companions to enter the Teleporter located inside the garden. They are able to reach Nall's office in Centropolis, where Nall explains the history of the ancient Energy Nede and the Ten Wise Men. Nall believes that the alien powers combined with Rena's Nedian powers are the only hope to defeat the Ten Wise Men for good.

After the conversation is over, Mayor Nall sends the party to North City to acquire a Psynard. Since they fail to get North City's Psynard under control due to the presence of alien gene, Nall has them entering another teleporter leading to Noel Chandler's home where they are finally able to seize control of a Wild Psynard. The party can travel around entire Energy Nede since then, with Phynal as the only exception.

Nall informs the party that they need to visit Nede's Four Symbological Fields, in order to discover the true essence of Symbology and hone their skills for the battle against the Ten Wise Men. After this mission is accomplished, Nall leads them to Nede's military fort L'Aqua to prepare an assault on Phynal. Nonetheless, the initial strike proves to be a complete failure, Nall and the party are forced to retreat with Marianna seemingly sacrificing herself to fend off the ten Wise Men from pursuing them.

Realizing that appropriate weapons are necessary to destroy the Ten Wise Men's force shields, Nall leads Rena and companions to Armlock. Nall unlocks the sealed door leading to a teleporter that sends the party to Symbological Weapons Laboratory. It is where Rena learns about her past, and Nall is able to retrieve a disk containing data of forbidden research on anti-matter weapons.

With the superweapon blueprint discovered, Nall contacts Dr. Mirage, a brilliant weapon researcher residing in Armlock to build anti-matter weapons for the party. After obtaining the required LEA metal, Dr. Mirage is able to complete this mission successfully. Armed with newly acquired weapons, the party are able to defeat Zaphkiel, Jophiel and Metatron.

Nall and Mirage then help the party organize the final assault, and entrust the Symbol of Divinity to them and tells the party to use it in case the Ten Wise Men somehow manage to activate the Symbol of Annihilation. The party are able to kill all the wise men in the end, but Gabriel sets the Symbol of Annihilation to unleash upon his death. At this point, it becomes clear that there is no way to stop Symbol of Annihilation from being activated. The tower of Phynal immediately begins shaking, and the universe is on the verge of destruction.

At this very moment, Nall and Mirage arrive and urge Rena to use Symbol of Divinity. The universe is saved, but Energy Nede is destroyed as the effect of Symbol of Annihilation must be diverted somewhere. Nall and Mirage manage to bring Expel back from the time right before it is destroyed, and teleport the party away from Energy Nede so that they can continue to live. The two are killed as Energy Nede is completely erased due to the effect of Symbol of Annihilation.