Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Enemy
198 8
Level Attack Defense
{{{lvl}}} N/A N/A
Agility Hit Intelligence
{{{agi}}} {{{hit}}} {{{int}}}
Japanese {{{japan}}}
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Location Ruins of Coffir

Norton's Hideout

Planet Vanguard III
Weakness {{{weak}}}
Resistance {{{strong}}}
Experience {{{exp}}}
Fol Dropped {{{fol}}}
Items Dropped Copper Idol, Cooking Ingredients
Symbology {{{spells}}}
Abilities Spare Me!
Anti-Attack Aura {{{aura}}}

A nobleman is a humanoid figure of an enemy.

They cannot inflict damage. Instead, running into a player character will often cause them to trip and fall, losing their money. This can be exploited for a larger payout of Fol at the end of the battle.


"What do you think you're doing?" - Usually at the beginning of a battle

"That hurt!" - Attacked

"Ow, my money, my money, ooohh!" - Tripped

"Please, if you'll only spare my life!" - When using their special move, Spare Me.

"I won't forget this!" - Death

"I hate you!" - Death

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