"He's a zoologist with bush hair and puny muscles. Hope that's OK..."
—Portrait K
Noel Chandler is one of the main character in Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, and later reappears in Star Ocean: Blue Sphere.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Evolution

"A zoologist who works as the caretaker of a wildlife refuge, Noel is an affectionate young man who never loses his smile. He puts not only animals, but also the people around him at ease. He finds himself concerned over his appearance, which differs from those around him. He meets Claude and the others at the refuge, and decides to journey with them for the sake of the animals as well."
—STAR OCEAN:Second Evolution.

Noel is a Nedian who is in charge of the Psynard reserve. He wishes to atone for his previous affiliation with the Ten Wise Men. Following the war with the Ten Wise Men, Noel takes up residence in the abandoned cabin deep within Marze's sacred Forest of Symbols on Expel where he spends his days tending to the wildlife just as he did on Nede. At one point his friend Leon had personally reccomended Noel to the King of Lacuer to serve as the head of the Lacuer Biological Laboratory, though Noel seemed hesitant to fill this position, instead preferring to stay in the solitary woods alongside the wildlife.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Immediantly after the main storyline, Chisato and Noel now find themselves homeless, and on Expel. They decide they have to live there, but both have seperate difficulties adjusting. Noel is initially frustrated with the destruction of his home, and can't seem to find a place for himself in Expel. Eventually, Noel realizes that Expel is actually perfect for him. While Nede was a dying land, no longer evolving and growing, Expel is still lush with greenery, animals, and people. He eventually comes to terms with Expel, considering it a personal paradise, and goes about discovering new species, and exploring the land.

When Precis contacts Noel about the SOS message from Opera and Ernest, Noel is a bit hard-pressed to leave his paradise. Noel, however, quickly realizes what he needs to do, and joins with Precis and their friends.


Noel's weapons are knuckles, much like Rena's, but often give higher attack values than hers, while also boosting his magic. Despite being mainly a Symbologist, Noel can equip some armors worn only by melee characters.

However, just like Rena, he is not a primary fighter and much rather relies on his wide range of healing and Wind and Earth-elemental Symbology. Noel could be considered a jack-of-all-trades, being a little versatile on every aspect, but not excelling in any. All his stats are very balanced, but he lacks STR and Special Arts to make him a fighter, and doesn't have enough INT to make him stand out as a mage.


Name MP Cost Level/Item Learned
Mental Drain (Mind Absorber) 1 Default
Wind Blade 2 Default
Heal 3 Default
Glaive (Grave) 4 Default
Tetanus Wind 10 Default
Sonic Saber 11 Default (The Second Story only)
Cure Light 11 Default
Crushing Earth (Earth Grave) 16 Default
Energy Arrow 17 Default
Magnum Tornado 18 Default
Cure All 18 41
Silence 14 41
Neutralize (Neutral) 17 45
Blood Scylla (Blood Sucker) 12 49
Fohn Wind (Foehn) 25 52
Faerie Healing (Fairy Heal) 30 55
Cure Condition (Dispel) 24 60
Curse 20 66
Bless 18 72
Faerie Light (Fairy Light) 40 77
Stone Rain (Earthquake) 65 82


  • Noel's favorite food is Big Tuna, while is favorite instrument is the Illusive Shamisen.
  • In Second Evolution only, if you somehow have 8 members before reaching Energy Nede (example, if you recruited Welch, Celine, Dias or Leon, Precis or Bowman, Opera, and Ernest), Noel will accompany your party as an NPC throughout the Cave of Crimson Crystals since all your party slots are full.
  • Noel's sprites in The Second Story/Evolution was a Fellpool sprite like Leon, yet he was listed as a Nedian. This might mean that the creators of The Second Story meant for Noel to originally be a Fellpool. However, if you go by speculations such as this, it should imply that by their sprites ears they were both lesser Fellpool, which are not as rationally developed as modern Fellpool.
  • Noel is one of three characters capable of acquiring all talents (the others are Leon and Celine, the latter of which can only truly obtain all talents under certain conditions).
  • Noel, like Celine and Chisato and later Welch, does not bar recruitment from any character, despite popular belief. Chisato and Noel can both be recruited although most players will have 7 party members forcing the choice between these 2.
  • Noel's name backwards is ironically Leon.
  • In Second Evolution, Noel's spell-casting sprite has been slightly altered. While in Second Story he would swing his arms up and down the entire time he casts a spell, in Second Evolution, he lifts them in the air, and they remain there until the spell is completed.
  • An Expelian NPC encountered early in the third game not only has a face identical to Noel's, but an innate ability to use healing symbology.
  • Noel in the original version of Star Ocean 2 shares voice actors with two different party members. He shares his Japanese voice with Asthon, and shares his English voice with Claude.
    • This also parallels Celine, who too also has both her Japanese and English voice actresses shared with two other party members.


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