Norton's Hideout, located in the Ruins of Coffir, is the base Norton made for himself while he was stranded on Vanguard III. It was from here he harrased the people of Whipple and tried to create a method off the planet.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Fayt searches Norton's Hideout for Niklas, as well as the parts of his ship that were stripped. Upon finding the cells, Fayt rescues Niklas by blowing up his communicater to break the lock on his cell, but as he carries him out, he is ambushed by Norton. Norton brags about how he managed to escape his prison ship, and how he now basically controls the planet. Angered by this injustice, a hidden power starts awakening in Fayt, but before he can do anything, Cliff shows up and starts annoying Norton.

Norton loses his cool and attacks the both of them. However, he is no match for Fayt and the Klausian, and is beaten. Fayt proceeds to replicate some music box parts from the parts of his ship Norton stole. Outside, Cliff sets some explosives and destroys the hideout once and for all.



  • Jewel of Refuge
  • Fresh Sage
  • Music Box Parts

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