Nox Obscurus (known as Baroque Dark in Japan) is the culmination of the Grigori's plans for mass destruction. This living planet/entity feeds on massive amounts of life energy in order to create a new universe. On its surface, it can utilize near limitless energy to manufacture endless Phantom forces, and has a self-defense system in place by conjuring a gigantic dragon-like entity to protect it. The first time the SRF crew enters the planet is through the Calnus but another way to access this location is to use the teleporter to En II set by the Morphus forces.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

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After saving En II's gems from Kokabiel, Ex comes up with a plan to attack Nox Obscurus on its route to the Sol System (more accurately Earth) and sever the Grigori's fuel supply The crew of the SRF-003 Calnus are to infiltrate the planet's pole and plant a transporter to call reinforcements. What wasn't expected was the level of defense the Missing Procedure called upon to defend the planet.

However, after many sacrifices the crew manages to arrive on the planet. Advancing to the core, the crew must pass various amount of puzzles to move forward through the Cardianon Mothership and a surreal version of outer space. At the core of the Palace of Creation they meet the Apostle of Creation for the final battle. After the death of the Apostle of Creation and his more powerful form of Satanail, Nox Obscurus collapses without someone to channel the life energy needed to sustain it.



Nox Obscurus is Latin for "Indistinct Night".

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