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Old Race Ruins

The Old Race Ruins.

The Old Race Ruins, also known as the Sylvalant Ruins, is an optional dungeon on the outskirts of Silvalant City. It is only possible to fully explore the ruins if you possess the Silvalant Emblem. They are hidden ruins holding many relics from the Old Race, including a body-swap mechanism which Erys Jerand used to become Mavelle Froesson. In addition, the monsters found here are the strongest in all of Roak.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Old Race Ruins - WM

The Old Race Ruins on the World Map.

The party arrives at the Old Race Ruins, forgotten ruins left by the Muah, and explore it, only to find many treasures, as well as a room filled with Muah, frozen in large icicles. The party finds the body of a young Featherfolk in the same room, who happens to be Ioshua's sister, Erys.

Character Recruitment Changes

Old Race Ruins - Crystal Room

The party discovers Mavelle's secret.

  • In case Ioshua and Mavelle were recruited, Ioshua will try to save Erys from the icicle she is residing, and the player may opt to bring him to his senses ("Leave it alone"), or help him fulfilling his goal ("Help Ioshua"). If the second choice is selected, Mavelle will reveal she is Erys, and will join with her previous body and shatter the icicle it remains in, killing herself. This will also unlock the "Featherfolk Girl" cinematic in the Movie Gallery.
  • In case Ioshua, Mavelle and Ashlay were recruited, the events mentioned above will occur (with the exception of the aforementioned cinematic), but Erys will join you and take Mavelle's place.



  • Roundell Dagger
  • Wolfsbane
  • Sacrificial Doll x2
  • Steel Helmet x2
  • Robe of Deception
  • Orb of the Valkyrie
  •  ?ITEM (Sweet Syrup)
  •  ?ITEM (Resurrection Mist)
  • Moonrock (requires Pickaxe)
  •  ?MINERAL (Damascus; requires Pickaxe)
  • Elven Slippers (must defeat boss to get to chest)
  • Divine Fury SFT (must defeat boss)
  • Medicine Bottle
  • Star Ruby (requires Pickaxe)
  • Meteorite (requires Pickaxe)
  • Dwarven Sword
  • Kitty Suit
  • Steel Armor x2 (one requires you defeat boss)
  • Air Slicer (must defeat boss)
  • Silver Greaves x2 (one requires you defeat the boss)
  • Elven Cap
  •  ?MINERAL (Mithril; requires Pickaxe)
  • Rainbow Diamond (requires Pickaxe)
  •  ?MINERAL (Meteorite; requires Pickaxe)

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