Oracle Room

The Oracle Room Hall.

The Oracle Room is a secret, optional area in Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey and its remake ,First Departure. It is unlocked after saving at the final save point of the game, on the top of Revorse Tower, and is accessed via a teleporter located on the bottom of the same tower.

The room itself contains the Tria, Gods of Creation, which are representations of the developers of the game. Several rooms exist, but they must be first unlocked by levelling the Oracle skill. The Cave of the Seven Stars, the game's hidden dungeon, is also accessed from the Oracle Room, and its entrance is the top left door. A staircase heading south leads to the Labyrinth of Champions, the dungeon found in Van Castle. A peddler also holds a shop with a huge shop in the room.


The Oracle Room features one of the two great shops in this game, the other being located in the Safe House, having the same exact items on stock.

Safe House
Item Cost
Blueberries 50
Blackberries 180
Aquaberries 70
Antidote 100
Paralysis Cure 100
Stone Cure 100
Medicine Bottle 300
Resurrection Elixir 500
Magic Canvas 300
Magic Clay 300
Fountain Pen 180
Feather Pen 20
Conductor Baton 100
Premium Paper 180
Magic Camera 2000
Magic Film 300
Mechanic's Toolbox 1200
Smith's Hammer 600
Grains 150
Fruit 80
Vegetables 20
Meat 50
Seafood 150
Eggs and Dairy 20
Top Quality Tuna 9000
Mareene Oysters 12000
Magic Rice 5000
Organic Vegetables 4000
Sweet Fruit 2000
Sirloin 7200
Creamy Cheese 3600
Gelatinous Slime 100
Wobbly Slime 100
Ingredients of Yarma 100000
Root Beer 300
Bloody Driver 300
Fire in the Sky 300
Luxury Grape Juice Increases with playtime
Rose Hip 230
Mandrake 80
Artemis Leaf 320
Wolfsbane 150
Lavender 35
Athelas 800
Sweet Syrup 200
Witch Powder 500
Potion of Might 500
Sleeping Gas 200
Mind Bomb 300
Flare Bomb 180
Pet Food 10
Ruby 600
Sapphire 600
Green Beryl 2000
Crystal 2000
Diamond 3000
Silver 300
Gold 300
Iron 150
Spectacles 10
Lezard's Flask 40000
Beret 30000
Keen Kitchen Knife 4000
Music Editor 100000
Magical Rasp 100000
Harmonica 800
Pipe Organ 5000
Lyre 12000
Cembalo 16000
Violin 50000
Piano 80000
Mystical Shamisen 100000
Silver Trumpet 300000
Walloon Sword 4000
Flamberge 7100
Baselard 2500
Crested Rod 3000
Cestus 4500
Spear 4000
Crossbow 3000
Crescent Orb 12000
Playful Handy Stick 4000
Santa's Boots 4500000
tri-Emblem 8000765
Jewel of the Frog 100000


  • Magic Jar

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