The Pangalactic Federation is an organization of a large body of planets in the Star Ocean Universe formed in 12 SD. They are determined to keep order in the universe, mostly through their large space fleet. Originally called the Terran Alliance, a name derived from the planet which serves as the center of its establishment, they have expanded greatly since its founding, but not every race is too friendly towards the Federation.

Planets in the Federation

Moonbase SD 772

Earth, the capital of the Pangalactic Federation in SD 772

Dictionary Entry

Terran Alliance

The first multi-planetary alliance government, established by the third planet of the Sol System in 12 SD. This government currently goes by the name "Pangalactic Federation," but its activities and principles have changed little since the time of the Terran Alliance. At some time in the past, it was also known as the Earth Federation.

Pangalactic Federation

Established by the third planet of the Sol System in 12 SD, the Pangalactic Federation was the first multi-planetary alliance-based government. Originally known as the Terran Alliance when it was founded, as it grew, its named was changed to the Pangalactic Federation. Currently, several hundred races of sentient life forms belong to this government.