Paralysis is a recurring status ailment in the Star Ocean series. Characters afflicted with Paralysis appear frozen and have lightning bolts surrounding them. When afflicted, they cannot move or act. In First Departure and Second Evolution, the status persists until cured and is counted as a KO; in other words, characters afflicted do not receive EXP and, if all party members are Paralyzed, it's Game Over. In The Last Hope, it works the same as the other two games except afflicted characters still take damage from enemies and still recieve EXP. In Till the End of Time however, the status goes away after a while (even though it may persist between battles) and does not count as a KO; in fact, the Battle Trophy titled "Win by paralyzing all" requires that all party members be paralyzed.

Enemies such as Adephages are known to cause Paralysis. The status ailment can be cured by any of the following methods: the Condition Cure symbol; using items like Paralysis Cures and Medicine Bottles; or staying at an inn. Certain armor and accessories like Amulets of Freedom/Anti-Paralysis Amulets can prevent this ailment.

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