Pericci is one of the main characters of the first Star Ocean, as well as its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure.


Pericci seems innocent and naive, but is also apprehensive of others. In truth, she is really lonely and only wants friends. She's also quite affectionate towards Roddick and has an irrational hatred of dogs, claiming that one tried to eat her once (when in fact the dog was being friendly to her).


Before the Events of Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

S.D. 30

  • Pericci, a Lesser Fellpool, is born to unknown parents on the planet Roak.

Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

S.D. 46

  • Roddick, Ilia, and Cyuss travel to the Astral Continent but pirates are blockading the port. The three defeat the pirates and travel to Astral. In the pirate cave, they save a Lesser Fellpool, Pericci. As they leave, they pick up an Ocarina the girl dropped.
  • in Kratus, Millie is petting a cat, and asks Roddick to suggest a name for it. Roddick suggests Pericci, and while Millie isn't a fan of the name, the little cat is. Afterward, Roddick plays the Ocarina, which causes the little cat to turn into her Lesser Fellpool form. Surprised at this sudden turn of events, the girl demands her ocarina back, but Roddick instead asks if she would like to travel with the party. When he shows her how many friends she could make, she gladly follows Roddick, much to Millie's annoyance.
  • The party, on their way to the ice country of Silvalant, recruits T'Nique Arcana. They also pass a village named Dulus along the way and learn the entrance to the demon world is nearby.
  • The crew arrives at Silvalant castle town in which all the residents are in a state of quarantine because of the war. The party meets with the king.
Silvalant Emblem
  • The King reveals that the entrance to the demon world is on a small island to the south. He gives you the emblem of Silvalant, a key to access some ancient Silvalant ruins, as well as access to the port.
  • Roddick and crew travel to the Silvalant ruins, to the east. In the inner-most sanctum, they find a golden-winged, Featherfolk girl, encased in ice, Ioshua identifies as his sister, Erys Jerand. Mavelle warns everyone to stay back or she will be forced to attack them. Ioshua is obviously not too pleased by this and an argument erupts. Here, we find out that Mavelle is actually Erys and with encouragement from both Ioshua and Ashlay, she transfers her soul back into her original body and continues her journey with the party.
Muah Emblem
  • The party travels to Muah castle. The King also puts the party through a trial, to dispose of the monsters in the treasure room. Roddick and crew succeed. The King thanks you and gives you the emblem of Muah.
Astral Emblem
  • The group then travels to Astral castle. The King gives you the emblem of Astral and tells you some cryptic passages that have been passed down through generations.
  • The group travels back to the Purgatorium. They meet the spirits once more and show them the 4 emblems. The spirits wonder if they are the ones the ancient Muans predicted would come. They are then transported into the inner sanctum, which is very high-tech with computers and machines obviously far beyond anything the Roakians are capable of.
  • The party reaches the bottom. Using the phrases the King of Astral gives you and the hint provided there, the password to open the final door is "Earth." Ilia and Ronyx are understandably shaken by this turn of events. Inside is a holographic projection of the planet Earth. Ilia notices a large continent in the Pacific Ocean and that it could be the legendary continent of Mu that supposedly existed a long time ago. It is said the civilization was very advanced but was destroyed by a meteorite. A hologram of a person appears who explains that he and his fellow Muah were somehow transported to this planet while the meteorite hit. Ilia recalls incidents in the Federation where people sometimes were transported short distances by space-time vortexes but nothing nearly this far. The hologram reveals that the Eye of Truth's purpose was to open a wormhole to allow the Muah to return to Earth. Something went wrong, however, and it opened a gate to the demon world instead. The party retrieves the Eye of Truth and returns to Silvalant.
  • The King thanks them for their efforts and asks them to enter the demon world at the small island to the south. At that time, a demon runs in and warns the party they are too late, as a massive weapon has been developed. There is a rumbling and it's revealed the entire village of Dulus was destroyed. The party leaves right away to the demon world before the weapon can be used again.
Crimson Shield
Bladeless Beam
  • The party arrives inside of the demon world, only to be greeted by the Crimson Shield. He attacks and is defeated by the party. Ronyx points out to Erys that she has finally achieved her revenge. Ashlay feels remorse for defeating an old comrade. The Crimson Shield says not to feel bad and to hurry for Astral. He warns that while the crew was distracted, his evil shadow attacked in order to secure "the bladeless swords." The party quickly uses the Eye of Truth to travel immediately to Astral and defeats the Crimson Shield's shadow. They retrieve "the bladeless swords" from Lias and Ilia reveals them to actually be force swords, much like they have in the Federation, however, much older. Unbeknownst to the party, these force swords once belonged to Crowe F. Almedio, Roddick's Muan ancestor. New weapons in tow, the group travels back to the demon world to enter Asmodeus' stronghold.
  • Before they can leave Astral City, however, Phia offers her services to the group and joins the party to fight.
  • The party enters Asmodeus' stronghold, which is some sort of biological research laboratory. They reach a computer which Ilia tries to hack into but it sets off an alarm and Asmodeus appears. His henchmen attack the group and Asmodeus runs away.
Third Party Again
  • The party chases Asmodeus. Suddenly, 2 men appear, detain him, and take a blood sample. Noticing Roddick and crew, they quickly leave. Ilia says they must have been the 3rd party who originally killed Asmodeus. In order not to change history or potentially create a time paradox, the party kills Asmodeus and takes a blood sample for their own use.
  • Roddick and everyone return to the King of Van who praises their efforts and thanks them for restoring peace to Roak.
Time Warp
  • Roddick, Ronyx, Ilia, and Millie travel back to the future via a gate in northeast Silvalant, taking the blood sample with them.

S.D. 346

  • Admiral Beize of the Federation reveals to Ronyx that a ship from the planet Fargett appeared in Federation space out of a wormhole and demanded the Federation to surrender. It was learned that on Fargett, a superhuman named Jie Revorse is the mysterious third party who plotted against Earth. He has established a dictatorship but there is a lot of opposition on the planet. The Admiral authorizes Ronyx to put down this uprising and permits him to use the Time Gate.
  • Ronyx and Ilia return to Roak to retrieve Roddick and Millie. The four once again use the time gate to recruit their friends from Roak's past.
  • The party takes the wormhole to planet Fargett and beams down to the surface. Immediately, they are captured by Jie's soldiers.
  • Ivana, leader of the resistance movement on Fargett rescues them. She reveals that planet Fargett has few natural resources, so they studied genetic engineering as well as wormhole technology to survive and seek out resources. Jie Revorse is the only successful product of this genetic research and has gone mad.
Fight Ilia
Fight Ronyx
Fight Millie
Fight Roddick
  • Ronyx, Roddick, and everyone else travel to the top of Jie's tower. Jie reveals that not all the Muans were sent to Roak and that some were also sent there, to Fargett - so they all share a common ancestor. Jie gazes upon Erys and sees her time as Mavelle, recognizing the woman as a Muan.
Neo Revorse
  • The party fights and defeats Jie Revorse.
  • The Roakians from the past travel home and Ronyx and Ilia drop Roddick and Millie back on planet Roak and say their goodbyes.

S.D. 46

Pericci Ending
  • Pericci stands alone, atop a cliff, calling out to the sea. She asks Millie how she's doing then grows sad and wishes Roddick was there with her.
Tree Ending
  • Sometime later, everyone meets up atop Mt. Metorx. They come together to plant a sapling in hopes Roddick and Millie will see it in the future. Ashlay places his sword in the dirt by it and Pericci, her Ocarina. Erys uses Symbology to slow time for the tree and items, so that it grows at a pace where it will survive for over 300 years.


You first get to meet Pericci if you choose to explore the dungeons behind the Velkent Boss after defeating him. You then get to free Pericci, who when back at Portmith runs away from you. This is important. After she runs, she drops a shiny object on the ground. Make sure you pick it up or you will not be able to recruit her. It's the Ocarina, which is necessary for getting her. Once the Emblem Quest starts, return to Kratus(the First village) and start a Private Action. Talk to Millie, and choose Pericci when given an option of 3 names in the conversation. Equip Roddick with the Ocarina, and play it near the cat. Pericci will then join if you have 7 or fewer characters.


FD Pericci Screenshot

Pericci is proficient in using her claws as weapons.

Special Arts

Name MP Cost Level/SFT Learned
Multiple Punch 6 Default
Power Dance 10 Default
Panther Charge 12 Default
Air Kisses 12 Default
Healing Dance 16 Default
Spread Missile 10 Default
Roundhouse 12 Default
Panic Dance 12 Default
Cutie in the Sky 10 Default
Dream Hammer 24 (Panther Charge + Feline SFT)
JC Somersault 24 (Roundhouse + Feline SFT)
Magical Dance 60 (Power Dance + Feline SFT)

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Availability: Gacha Permanent

Role: Attacker ACE 5☆ to 6☆

Weapon: Knuckle


  • Cheerful Behaviours - ATK +45% (All Allies)
  • Cat Martial Artist - Critical Nullification when Charge Assaulting (All Allies) / ATK Damage +40% when Charge Assaulting (All Allies)
  • Ocarina Player - AP Recovery from Normal Attacks +100% (All Allies) / Movement Speed +30% (All Allies)
  • Lonely Person - Evasion AP Consumption -50% (Self) / Enables evasion during in air attacks (Self) / AP Consumption -30% when Just Timing Evasion (Self 10 seconds)

Rush Combo: Dream Hammer - Critical Rate +50% (All Allies 20 seconds) Power: ATK x 4000% Max Hit Count: 1


  • Heel Stomp 21 AP - Power: ATK x 300% Max Hit Count: 2
  • JP Somersault (Hop) 29 AP - Power: ATK x 1020% Max Hit Count: 3
  • Hammer of Might (Hop) 23 AP - Power: ATK x 320% Max Hit Count: 1
  • Palm of Destruction (Hop) 20 AP - Power: ATK x 270% Max Hit Count: 1

LB 10 Level 70 Status:

  • HP: 15,540
  • ATK: 2,730
  • INT: 1,549
  • DEF: 1,930
  • HIT: 1,155
  • GRD: 826


Pericci is able to equip knuckles, cloth armor, and bikinis.

Restricted Equipment

Cat Fang

Xtra Knuckles

Kitty Hairband


As you use different skills with Pericci, he will gain the following talents:

Name Learned When Using
Originality Crafting, Customization
Taste Cooking
Nimble Fingers Crafting, Machinist
Design Sense Art, Machinist
Composition Writing
Rhythm Sense Music
Listening Music
Love of Animals Familiar
Animal Instinct Scout


  • Recruiting Pericci allows you to obtain the Bunny Whistle, which allows you to call the Bunny and travel across the World Map faster than on foot while completely avoiding enemy encounters (!). You must do a PA in Portmith first and then another PA in Haute to obtain this item.
  • If, when you learn of the Velkhent Pirates preventing sea travel at Portmith, you choose to "wait for some good news" and/or stay at the inn 20 times, you will not be able to obtain the Ocarina and recruit Pericci.
  • If you do clear the Pirates' Hideout and rescue Pericci, you must pick up the Ocarina she drops before leaving the docks area, otherwise you won't have another opportunity to obtain it.
  • During the recruitment PA in Kraat, Pericci automatically joins if you have seven or less members in the party, Millie included.