Pericci is one of the main characters of the first Star Ocean, as well as its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure.


Pericci seems innocent and naive, but is also apprehensive of others. In truth, she is really lonely and only wants friends. She's also quite affectionate towards Roddick and has an irrational hatred of dogs, claiming that one tried to eat her once (when in fact the dog was being friendly to her).


Star Ocean: First Departure/Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey

Pericci is first found in the Pirates' Hideout, where she is locked up playing her Ocarina. After the party let her out and take her back to Portmith, she quickly runs away, dropping her Ocarina.

Later, in Kraat, Millie is petting a cat, and asks Roddick to suggest a name for it. Roddick suggests Pericci, and while Millie isn't a fan of the name, the little cat is. Afterward, Roddick plays the Ocarina, which causes the little cat to turn into her Lesser Fellpool form. Surprised at this sudden turn of events, the girl demands her ocarina back, but Roddick instead asks if she would like to travel with the party. When he shows her how many friends she could make, she gladly follows Roddick, much to Millie's annoyance.


FD Pericci Screenshot

Pericci is proficient in using her claws as weapons.

Special Arts

Name MP Cost Level/SFT Learned
Multiple Punch 6 Default
Power Dance 10 Default
Panther Charge 12 Default
Air Kisses 12 Default
Healing Dance 16 Default
Spread Missile 10 Default
Roundhouse 12 Default
Panic Dance 12 Default
Cutie in the Sky 10 Default
Dream Hammer 24 (Panther Charge + Feline SFT)
JC Somersault 24 (Roundhouse + Feline SFT)
Magical Dance 60 (Power Dance + Feline SFT)


  • Recruiting Pericci allows you to obtain the Bunny Whistle, which allows you to call the Bunny and travel across the World Map faster than on foot while completely avoiding enemy encounters (!). You must do a PA in Portmith first and then another PA in Haute to obtain this item.
  • If, when you learn of the Velkhent Pirates preventing sea travel at Portmith, you choose to "wait for some good news" and/or stay at the inn 20 times, you will not be able to obtain the Ocarina and recruit Pericci.
  • If you do clear the Pirates' Hideout and rescue Pericci, you must pick up the Ocarina she drops before leaving the docks area, otherwise you won't have another opportunity to obtain it.
  • During the recruitment PA in Kraat, Pericci automatically joins if you have seven or less members in the party, Millie included.


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