Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Japanese ペリュトン
Romaji Peryuton
Race Bird
Location Thalia Plains
Van Elm Region
Celestial Ship
Planet Lemuris
Weak points
Weak against
Resistant to
Innate Abilities {{{traits}}}
Steal {{{steal}}}
Experience 5
Fol Dropped 38
Items Dropped Peryton Droppings
Common Egg
Giant Bird Feather - (Ornithology Drop)

The Peryton is an enemy found on planet Lemuris in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

It is a basic enemy that other than stabbing enemies with its big beak, it dives into the floor and causes small close-range shockwaves in battle.

See Also

Dictionary Entry

A large bird that lives on Lemuris. Its cute exterior hides a massive beak sharp enough to crush boulders. Its wings have atrophied to the point where it can no longer fly. During mating season, the males spread out their crests wide and engage in courtship.

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