Peterny is visited by more travelers than anywhere else on the continent of Gaitt.
—Petite Female Soldier

The Trading Town of Peterny in the continent of Gaitt on planet Elicoor II is the centre for commerce in Aquaria as it also leads to Greeton.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Fayt, Cliff and Nel stop at Peterny on the way to Aquarian capital Aquios. Here, Fayt meets flowergirl Ameena who is the spitting image of his childhood friend Sophia. He learns that Ameena is sick and is collecting flowers to create a wishing charm. He obtains the Maiden of Irisa from her. While out collecting flowers in the Duggus Forest, she collapses and her elderly neighbour (with whom Ameena was travelling) asks Fayt to help. After rescuing Ameena, Nel organises for one of her contacts, a doctor, to take care of Ameena and the party moves on to Aquios.

The Craftsman's Guild is also located in Peterny, which is where Welch works. After meeting Welch and the guildmaster, Fayt becomes an inventor and is given the compact communicator.


Inventors that can be found in Peterny are:

Dictionary Entry

A city and commercial hub connecting the royal city Aquios of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria with the three surrounding kingdoms. Unlike Aquios, with its decidedly religious bent, this town is an advanced center of commerce, and acts almost as a second capital of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria. Peterny is the commercial heart of the whole continent of Gaitt.

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